Laika Ecovip 2015 - a promise of style and comfort

Laika Ecovip 2015 - a promise of style and comfort – main image

One thing is certain from the very first sight. Laika Ecovip with its characteristic, slightly forward "bow" is a motorhome that will not be confused with any other vehicle.

The Italian manufacturer is already thinking in 2015 and is preparing a new, fully integrated Ecovip model (based on Fiat Ducato, of course) for next season. According to the adopted assumptions, Evovip is to be distinguished by advanced technology and high-class design.

Italian design

Admittedly, the latter goal was achieved, especially in relation to the front part of the body. The modern, slightly pugnacious look will surely appeal to those customers who like to stand out from the crowd.

When assessing the appearance of the motorhome, it is worth paying attention to the large panoramic windshield, which will provide the driver with excellent visibility, as well as to the black (thus separating from the rest of the body) large mirrors , reminiscent of those used in buses.

Comfort in the interior

One of the most important features noted by the manufacturer is that the floor is placed on one level throughout the vehicle. This means that there are no stairs, e.g. between the living room and the sleeping area. The interior height in the entire car is 2.05 m .

The manufacturer declares that the materials used are very high quality (including chrome handles in furniture), as well as stain-resistant upholstery . In the kitchen you will find soft-closing drawers with a closing function, a two-chamber sink, and the kitchen itself will be placed in an ergonomic arrangement resembling the letter L. The countertops used (in the kitchen and living room) will be matte, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and supposedly "finger-proof".

The beds have removable mattress covers - they can be washed in the washing machine. Right next to the sleeping places you will find reading lamps, as well as a USB output . A rich LED lighting system with adjustable light intensity will be installed in the motorhome. Lighting will be included, among others above and below the top cabinets, above the entrance door and just above the kitchen floor.

Large wardrobes are made of high-quality scratch-resistant laminate. There is also a shoe cabinet and storage space in the floor . The manufacturer ensures that enthusiasts of winter sports, surfing and canoeing will also find versions tailored to their needs among the Ecovip variants.

Also for winter

In order for the vehicle to be used all year round, its walls have been insulated with high-density polystyrene, and the floor is heated and double insulated. The roof is made of fiberglass (GRP) .

To ensure the right temperature, a Truma Combi C6 or Alde heater will be installed (optionally). The tanks are to be effectively protected against frost. The warm air blown during heating will be evenly distributed over the entire area of the motorhome.

The manufacturer boasts that gas cylinders as well as water and sewage tanks will be installed in such a way that their replacement will be very convenient - e.g. gas cylinders will be placed low, and the tanks will be mounted in a double floor.

There are 9 variants in the new collection of Evovip models. The shortest model is less than 6 meters. Five cars are within 6 meters. The three longest versions of the models measure 7.5 meters each. Prices in Germany are to start from 78 thousand. euro .

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