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Rexosline 9009 is the most expensive motorhome in the offer of the Italian brand Laika. For a vehicle based on a 150 hp Fiat Ducato Heavy, you need to spend over 90,000 in Poland. euro (excluding excise and transport costs).

Rexosline is a fully integrated motorhome. This means that its appearance is completely different from the delivery vehicle it is based on. It looks more like a bus, especially as its length is 791 cm . The width is 231 cm and the height is 299 cm.

The permissible total weight is 3.5 tons (the option is also available: 4.25 tons). The standard ready car weighs 3,326 kg .

Design details

The top vehicle from the Laiki stable is recognized by the characteristic front with a large windshield and oblique lights. The radiator grille integrated with the bumper also looks interesting. For caravanning enthusiasts, however, the interior will be more important.

Two people can travel comfortably in the car and the number of seats for which is approved as standard. For an additional fee, however, we can have four places to ride and to sleep , and when traveling with a child, it can fit as a fifth passenger (in a triple bed).

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What positively surprises is the attention to detail. There are many surprises in the interior, such as bed illumination in the form of points resembling a starry sky, or the surprising shape of gas stove burners .

Inventive lamps and elaborate details maintain the impression that we are doing something more than just an ordinary motorhome. The warm colors of the upholstery combined with the dark color of wooden furniture can also be liked. The whole thing looks modern and elegant at the same time.

Bathroom with rain shower

There is nothing to complain about the equipment. There are clean and dirty water tanks installed in the vehicle. As standard, the clean water container can hold 100 liters , but for an additional fee, you can get a 120-liter version. The standard waste water tank is 120 liters. The chemical toilet can accommodate 18 liters.

In this camper, an elegant bathroom with a toilet, an electrically folded washbasin and a shower, and even a rain shower, is standard. Access to the bathroom is possible from two sides - both from the living and night areas. The day and night zones can be separated.

In Rexosline, the standard is, among others refrigerator powered by 230 V and 12 V, hot water, and even a cooker hood .

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Practical and stylish

It is worth mentioning that the walls are made of fiberglass, and the standard buildings include a garage that can easily accommodate a bicycle, scooter, and maybe a motorcycle. In addition, among the many lockers in the Italian motorhome, we can also find a shoe cabinet and a huge drawer that slides out from under the sofa .

The interior is not too dark, thanks to glazed roof windows and LED lighting, which occurs both in the form of lamps, e.g. under ceiling cabinets, and in the form of blue-shining strips , among others. above the cupboards.

Overall, the Rexosline has more style than many other European RVs. Just like that! In the case of this car, the original interior design is very important, although it must be admitted that the solutions used also seem thoughtful and comfortable. It's just that, for example, motorhomes from Germany will provide us with practicality - while style is still the domain of Italians.

Rexosline - Italian styling – image 1
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