Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner

Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – main image

Since the launch of the new Mercedes Sprinter, motorhome manufacturers have been trying to outdo each other in designing bodies that are attractive enough to match the majesty of the base vehicle. After all, cars under the sign of the star are to be associated with prestige, the highest parameters and elegance.
The Bürstner brand was able to cope with this challenge perfectly - its new flagship half-integrated on the Sprinter makes an electrifying impression, not only in marketing materials. Today we will take a closer look at this compact proposition in the premium segment. Both variants are offered with a 150 HP 4-cylinder engine as standard. Optionally, we can order varieties up to 190 KM equipped with the most modern automatic transmissions.

The level of active and passive safety is high - from standard LED lighting, through the hill assist and airbags for the driver and passenger, to advanced crosswind assist systems - in combination with the refined suspension and rear drive, we can feel really safe here.

Two systems under 7 meters

Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 1

The Lyseo M Harmony Line consists of two models with a length of 699 cm in the weight category up to 3.5 tons, with the declared unladen weight in running order amounting to approximately 3,020 kg. The model with the symbol 660 is a proposal offering 2-5 sleeping places, equipped at the back with a French bed and a corner bathroom. The 690G version is a slightly more classic layout for 2-4 people equipped with separate beds with the possibility of connecting them, an integrated sanitary module in the middle of the length and a kitchen located opposite to it. In both cases, the number of driving seats is four.

From the outside, the solid looks attractive. Let's face it - with the number of motorhomes available on the market, designers would have a hard time to “reinvent the wheel” in terms of design. And yet - stylish anthracite colors broken with lighter accents, a roof made of laminate resins and a shapely rear with dedicated, hybrid lamps make the vehicle look modern and elegant, definitely standing out from the crowd.

The manufacturer focuses on a well-lit interior, using a large number of side and roof windows, as well as large glazing (wide and comfortable) of the entrance door.
In terms of construction, the German brand relies on a solid floor with a thickness of 49 mm, and the walls and roof are 34 mm each.

Bright and spacious

Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 2

The interior is bright, and thanks to the color scheme of the wood and upholstery, it makes a modern and cozy impression. The height from the floor to the ceiling is 205 cm - that's a lot and with a total height of 300 cm, even tall people won't feel claustrophobic here. On the right from the entrance, both models feature L-shaped sofas surrounding the table and swivel seats for the driver and passenger, which create a comfortable lounge for the whole family.

Dimensions of sleeping places:

  • 690G - front folding bed above the living room - 199 x 96 cm, rear beds - 2 x 193 x 80 cm, bed in the living room: 170 x 115 cm
  • 660 - front folding bed over the living room - 199 x 132 cm, rear bed 201 x 134 cm, bed in the living room: 193 x 105 cm

The bathrooms, despite different locations and layouts, are spacious and offer enough space for a comfortable shower. Large, illuminated mirrors and washbasins will surely make morning and evening rituals more pleasant for the most demanding representatives of the fair sex.
In both kitchen blocks you will find 3-burner cookers and large refrigerators with a capacity of 142 liters (of which 15 liters is a freezer). The cars take 120 liters of clean water on board (20 l is the reservoir for driving), and the gray water tank is 100 l. The standard built-in battery has a capacity of 95 Ah. The 660 version on the left from the entrance welcomes us with a stylishly arranged glass rack with an integrated TV mount. On the side there is also a safe place for a bottle of wine - everything has been thought of.

A total of 4 USB sockets located on the front and back will take care of the appropriate charge level of mobile devices, and refined light scenes in LED technology will allow you to create a mood, feast with a family board game or read a book. The back walls are covered with a pleasant, high-quality material, which additionally gives the interior a cozy feeling.

Bürstner & Mercedes - simply a premium duo

Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 3

The basic features of choosing a Mercedes in comparison with, for example, Fiat Ducato are a more modern design, advanced driver assistance systems, rear drive, which will be especially appreciated by winter traveling enthusiasts, and phenomenal driving quality. If there is still a factory star-shaped gearbox on board, then we are dealing with the perfect base.

Over the years, Bürstner has made numerous milestones also in the field of camper interior design. Motley upholstery and not entirely successful combinations of materials and colors are a thing of the past, and the consistent implementation of the flagship slogan "wohnfühlen" (in free translation to feel as good as at home) is supervised by a group of designers who accurately recognize the needs of the target group and are able to entertain light and do not forget about functionality tailored to the needs of couples and families. So if we only have the right budget and (importantly) we stay within the DMC / load capacity limits, this proposal is definitely worth considering.

The representative of the brand in Poland is Bürstner Polska - you can check the current offer here: Sprzedaż-kamperow-i-przyster-kawodowych/

Authorized dealers are:Warsaw Caravanning Center and Elcamp RV from Krakow.

Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 1
Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 2
Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 3
Lyseo M Harmony Line - a new star from Bürstner – image 4
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