Malibu - a decent camper at a nice price

Malibu - a decent camper at a nice price – main image

The fact that the oncoming motorhome is Malibu is hard to miss, because the large inscription between the headlights is rather impossible not to notice. However, if someone is not particularly observant, the logo placed on the roof window, on the sides and at the rear of the vehicle will remind him of the brand.

Why does the manufacturer care so much that the name of his motorhome is well remembered? Perhaps because among those interested in caravanning, Cathargo's parent company is still better known than its "baby" called Malibu .

Malibu now offers a full range of motorhomes, from vans to fully integrated motorhomes. The center of the offer is occupied by a semi-integrated model and that's what we'll be discussing today.

This proposal is interesting because the semi-integra and the integrated are almost identical motorhomes , differing mainly in "packaging" and price. In this case, you have to pay 10,000 euros for a nicer form, while the content is very similar (if not identical!).

Triplets that are hard to tell apart

The semi-integrated Malibu comes in three basic variants with a length of 666 cm (T410), 694 cm (T440) and 720 cm (T460). Interestingly, the length actually has no effect on the starting price, which in each case is about PLN 60,000. euro .

Each version has a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 t (4.25 t surcharge) and has four berths . In the smallest motorhome, the main bed is located across the vehicle, in the medium we have a French type bed with easy access from both sides , and in the longest version, two single beds with access from the inside are installed.

Differences also apply to the location of wardrobes and bathroom layout. In the T440 model, the toilet and shower are in separate rooms, while in the others they are integrated.


Contoured standard

Regardless of which variant we choose, the equipment of the motorhome will be mostly the same. When choosing Malibu, we can expect, among others: ventilated cupboards, LED lighting in the cabin, a profiled kitchen worktop, or an L-shaped sofa set at the rotating table in the front of the cabin.

Malibu has a heated floor , connected to the Truma Combi 6 system. The clean water tank can hold 110 liters, and the sewage tank has a capacity of 100 liters. The slimtower fridge-freezer can hold 140 liters of food. Importantly, the refrigerator can operate in three different power modes: 12 V, 230 V or gas.


Modern, but without overpaying

Let's also not forget about the roof window visible from the outside, external elements that increase aerodynamics and the durable GRP material , which was used on the roof, in the chassis and on the front hood. After all, these are also important advantages of the Malibu. The floor in this motorhome is of course double, which allowed to isolate it from the ground and create space for storage.

Although the standard equipment is quite rich, we can also use additional packages , the prices of which are in the range of approx. PLN 1-3 thousand. euro. So we have to count that we will pay about 65,000 for a well-equipped Malibu. euros, but at this price we will already have everything we need.

However, if we were interested in a new motorhome in a slightly cheaper version, Malibu will also have an interesting proposition for us. A campervan in a newer version than the one we described here: Kampervan Malibu - modestly, but practically , is available for about 42,000. euros (in Germany).

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