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The Mobilvetta brand is little known with us, and when we hear about it, it is usually related to the most luxurious, fully integrated models, such as the K-Yacht . Although they are the best showcase of the brand, it is worth noting that Italians also offer semi-integrated campers - both with alcoves and with a low roof.

Mobilvetta motorhomes belong to this group of vehicles, for which the appearance is a very big advantage. Already on the outside, attention is drawn to carefully crafted details , and after a short visit inside, a good first impression has a chance to turn into a perfect one.

Design worthy of a luxury yacht is evidenced not only by the combination of dark furniture fronts and light leather upholstery. Aluminum-colored finishing elements attract attention - e.g. table borders, trimmings on wardrobes or silver switches. A glazed shower cubicle and "stone" countertops complete the effect. You do not need to be an expert to conclude that you are not in an economy class motorhome.

Indeed - no. We found the cheapest new Mobilvetta Kea-P and K-Silver (in German advertisements) at prices of approx. PLN 50,000. euro , campers with alcoves - Kea-M - exceed the price of 60 thousand. euro .


This motorhome looks the most modest, and the interior - at least in combination with the dark upholstery - may even seem a bit gloomy. We can enjoy the upholstery variants with shiny threads - however, they will not change the fact that the K-Silver, although elegant, seems more subdued than its brothers.


Each version can sleep up to four people . Two of them can use the double bed located above the rear garage, there is also a fold-down bed in the front part of the vehicle. It is placed close to the center of the vehicle, so even when lowered, it should not catch on the headrests of the seats (which, unfortunately, happens in motorhomes of other brands). It is worth noting that the greater length of the motorhome translates into a wider mattress .


This is the second of the semi-integrated low-roof motorhomes, but aimed at those customers who want a more sumptuous interior. We have two lengths: 699 cm and 738 cm , but there are six interior layouts.

In the two shorter models, the toilet and the shower are integrated with each other, although not so much as to soak your feet in the paddling pool while standing in front of the washbasin. In the remaining rooms, the bathroom and shower are separated. Only in one version, the kitchen does not have an L shape.


This model is the only Mobilvetta motorhome with an alcove . The Kea-M is available in three variants, but each is 726 cm long . Interestingly - the alcove allowed to find one more place to sleep, thanks to which up to 5 people can sleep in the motorhome . An extra bed can be obtained by transforming the dining area.

The M74 version has a double transverse bed at the back, a simple worktop and a bathroom with a shower. The M76 has two single beds in the rear, a separate shower and an L-kitchen. M79 - same, but at the rear there is one double bed positioned along the axis of the vehicle.


Finally, a few words about the equipment that Mobilvetta describes as "all inclusive" .

It is a bit exaggerated, because not all elements are standard, but it is worth mentioning such curiosities as the Teflon cover of the sink , which can be used as a cutting board, a cooker hood, a rich system of ventilation and heating openings, a clothes hanger placed in a shower cabin, or adjustable headrests on the sofas in the dining area. Some of these additions are not available from our competitors.

Mobilvetta is an original proposition - not for those who are looking for the cheapest offer on the market, but for people who are looking for a motorhome that will stand out from the "ubiquitous" German brands. In fact - Mobilvetta is a bit different, and in some details it may even turn out a little better.

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