Motorhome Rapido M66 based on Mercedes - innovation and charm

Motorhome Rapido M66 based on Mercedes - innovation and charm – main image

With the appearance of the "M" series based on the new Sprinter in 2020, Rapido, after years of absence in the range of vehicles under the sign of the star, decided to settle for good in the motorhome segment for really demanding customers.

The new base gave many design possibilities, but also improved the quality of travel. Currently, the range of vehicles includes two models that differ in bed layout and equipment. Today we will look at the version with separate beds - namely the M66 in the 2023 version.

The size of a motorhome, the comfort of a passenger car

Measuring 754 cm in length, 235 cm in width and 295 cm in height, the motorhome is not a compact vehicle, but it is not a monstrous cruiser either - maneuvering is not difficult here.

The huge windshield and excellent visibility (as befits a premium class integrated) combined with the dashboard and driver assistance systems straight from passenger cars make the journey a thoroughly pleasant experience.

The shape is modern, and the uncompromising quality of the building and its insulation confirm that we are dealing with the highest league.

The chassis is a marriage of two solutions - from Mercedes and from AL-KO. Advantages? Confident, safe handling in all conditions, wide rear track and extra load space in the floor . The car, depending on the version, takes up to 4 people on board and has the same number of sleeping places.

Proven motorhome layout in a luxurious edition

Inside, we basically do not have revolutionary solutions - the manufacturer focuses on a proven and practical system. In the front, there are traditionally swivel armchairs, side sofas in a face-to-face arrangement, and a 140x191 cm drop-down bed above the table - 2 people can sleep comfortably here.

The kitchen located behind the living room is equipped with a two-burner stove, a stainless steel sink with a chrome spout, cabinets and drawers with high-quality fittings (soft-close, self-closing mechanisms). The 171 liter absorption tower fridge can be completed with an optional oven.

The bathroom can function as 2 separate sanitary modules on both sides of the vehicle. By closing the door to the living room and the bedroom located at the back, however, we gain a large bathing room. Ergonomics are exemplary here, and there is a lot of space in the shower cabin itself.

The icing on the cake is the rear bedroom with raised single beds. At the base - the leg space - there is room for two large wardrobes. Central steps lead down to the resting places and each bed measures 85 x 210 cm. Of course, we can combine them.

At the back of the vehicle along the entire length of the wall, the designers managed to fit cabinets with a considerable capacity, and on their tops additional shelves and spot lighting for reading.

In general, the lighting in this motorhome is tastefully designed - various lighting scenes - also indirect, as well as dimmers in the zones make a really great impression.

4.5 tons = practical motorhome payload and autonomy

The motorhome is available in 2 tonnage versions with GVW of 3.5 and 4.5 tons respectively. With the curb weight specified by the manufacturer at 3175 kg (standard equipment, data in accordance with the standard), the lighter version seems to be a very "impossible" proposition right from the start.

The heavier version, at 4,500 kg, gives us quite substantial reserves in terms of payload and will successfully take on board the whole adventurous family or a group of friends, allowing full freedom when packing.

Speaking of packing, the amount of space to store luggage, provisions and all holiday necessities can be amazing.

A large garage at the back under the beds with convenient access from both sides, a double floor with access from the outside and from the inside, as well as a lot of cabinets and drawers inside - all this gives a lot of possibilities.

It is worth mentioning the media protection - 130 liters of clean water, 110 liters of gray water and 2 large gas cylinders - these are the nominal parameters of the Rapido M66 motorhome. Of course, the factory electrical installation for solar panels was thought of.

The battery in the motorhome's living area is a traditional 100 Ah unit, which can be optionally converted to an AGM version with a capacity of 92 Ah. Of course, the energy storage can be doubled on request. What is worth emphasizing - there are 7 USB ports inside - it will certainly facilitate the daily charging of mobile devices.

Rapido M66 motorhome - in winter it is in its element

The aforementioned wall and floor insulation, as befits a car of this class, is made of a stiffened sandwich construction without the use of wood and polystyrene - extruded polystyrene (XPS) in combination with aluminum and composites ensure flawless tightness and thermal insulation of the shell.

The standard heating is provided by the top-class ALDE gas system, which distributes heat evenly and pleasantly throughout the interior. Especially enthusiasts of winter caravanning will appreciate this solution, the main advantage of which, apart from high efficiency, is the fact that it gives off heat through a system with a circulating liquid (like a floor heating / radiator), and not blows of dry, warm air known from traditional motorhomes.

Bonuses resulting from the use of this type of heating in the case of Rapido motorhomes are also a heated table leg in the living room and a pre-heating engine system.

One thing is certain - everyone who once experiences thermal comfort in a motorhome equipped with an ALDE solution immediately notices the difference and becomes its fan. Returning to the winter amenities, however, we have double glazing in the M66, a thermally insulated internal blind for the windshield and a heat buffer in the form of a double floor.


Rapido oozes with luxury and well-thought-out solutions. Regardless of the color version (Nacarat / Duna), the interior remains cozy and visually spacious at the same time. A drive unit with a capacity of 2 liters in Poland means a lower excise duty than in the case of cars based on Fiat Ducato, which significantly relativizes the difference in price compared to many competing models.

The base version offers 150 horsepower and works with a manual gearbox or the brilliant 9G automatic transmission. An optional, more powerful version with 170 hp is available only with an automatic transmission.

The overall impression and value for money basically make you fall in love with this vehicle at first sight. Families, but also couples who can afford such luxury will certainly not be disappointed. Substantial cargo reserves and excellent insulation are additional advantages of this motorhome.

If you are interested in this offer, it is worth seeking additional information at the source - representatives of the Rapido brand are M-CAMP Dzierżoniów , M-Camp Kutno and CAMEL CAMP from Poznań .

Kamper Rapido M66 ©Rapido
Kamper Rapido M66 ©Rapido
Kamper Rapido M66 ©Rapido
Kamper Rapido M66 ©Rapido
This article was prepared in cooperation with Rapido
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