Pilote G781FGJ - French heavyweight aristocrat

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We have already shown large campers from the Morelo and Frankia brands many times on our pages. Today it's time for Pilote. Fans know what makes the brand incredibly successful on European markets. Quality, reliability and... that's right... silence while driving. These cars are simply "neatly put together", regardless of the model line and equipment variant. The numbers of vehicles of this brand sold every year in our western neighbors clearly show that Pilote has nothing to be ashamed of, even in the segment of large, comfortable campers in demanding markets.

Today we will take a look at such an inconspicuous French aristocrat in the XL edition, which is becoming increasingly popular in our country. The Integra that we would like to present to you is the G781FGJ with a permissible total weight of 4.5 t and considerable dimensions - the length is a proud 789 cm and the width is 230 cm (with the mirrors folded out, as much as 277 cm).

Spacious layout


Although the interior layout is modeled on the standard living room-kitchen/bathroom-bedroom arrangement, the feeling of space provided by the almost 8-meter-high structure is hugely impressive. From the moment we enter, we are sure that we are in a premium vehicle. On the right, we are greeted by a spacious living room with sofas placed face-to-face. The driver and passenger seats are, of course, equipped with swivels. The foldable table can easily accommodate 6 adults.

4 people can travel, and there can be up to 6 sleeping places (4 are standard, an additional bed measuring 200x100 is offered as an option). The front drop-down bed has dimensions of 135x190 cm.


The kitchen is ergonomic and large. There is a large worktop, a two-burner stove and a sink. Above the stove there are 2 large upward-opening cabinets, and underneath there are plenty of drawers equipped with Hettich fittings with slow closing and solid locks (anyone who has ever had a drawer fall out while driving in a camper while driving will appreciate Pilote's solutions in this area). Opposite, we have a large 160-liter Dometic refrigerator, and underneath it the electrical heart of the building, i.e. an electroblock and overcurrent protection.


Between the kitchen and the bedroom, opposite each other, there is a large, comfortable shower and a module with a Thetford cassette toilet and a washbasin. Doors on both sides - separating the bathroom from both the living room and the bedroom - allow you to create a comfortable bathing room . It is worth emphasizing that, unlike many campers of similar length, there is nothing growing out of the shower floor here - it is even and practical, with no protruding wheel arches or high steps. We have a mini heki window above the cabin, which allows you to quickly get rid of excess moisture and steam from the room.


The bedroom at the back is the real arms of Morpheus - two places with dimensions of 204x80 and 210x80, respectively, can be joined together to obtain a really large family bed. We can sleep here without any problems, even across the way. There are easily accessible wardrobes with hangers under the bed.

Installations and tanks

The heating is provided by the Truma 6 CP+ gas system with a boiler and hot air blowers. Optionally, you can order a car with ALDE heating and a set of additional accessories from this brand (additional heater, engine heat exchanger). With Alde, we have a fully winter vehicle that is resistant to even the lowest temperatures without condensation (instead of warm air blown by the stove, we have advanced liquid-based radiator heating). The clean water tank is 130 liters and the gray water tank is 95 liters. Many sockets were thought of (including USB) and even installation for solar panels, which saves us from unnecessary perforations in the roof.

The construction is made using the latest, tight and warm technology without the use of wood. The core of the walls is an aluminum frame filled with foam. The side walls are made of aluminum, and the hail-resistant roof is made of resin laminates. High-quality double windows will also ensure thermal comfort.

Structurally refined

Forward visibility is great - as befits a premium integrated car. The vehicle is standardly powered by the latest Fiat Ducato unit with a capacity of 2.2 liters and a power of 140 HP. On request, you can choose a more lively heart for this cruiser, then necessarily with the brilliant new automatic transmission from Fiat. The front track has been widened at the factory, while the reliable, proven AL-KO frame begins right behind the driver's cab. The use of this type of frame means that there is space for a double floor - its height is 21 cm. Of course, it serves as an additional cargo space, but it also has an important function of insulating the interior of the camper against the cold. On-board installations were also carried out in this space.


Another advantage of the car's design is the ability to increase the GVM up to an absolutely stress-free 4,500 kg (factory default: 4,250). Why stress-free? Because this gives us loading reserves of approximately 1,200 kg. This means that we no longer have to worry about every kilogram of luggage when preparing for holiday travels. At the back we have a spacious garage, accessed by hatches with dimensions of 95x110 cm on both sides. The inside height is 120 cm. This allows you to potentially eliminate, for example, a bicycle rack, because they will fit easily in the garage, and there will still be room for furniture, toys, sports equipment or a barbecue.

Pilote is really solid equipment for the most demanding users. The value for money here is excellent, especially considering the extensive standard equipment. The official representative of the Pilote brand is the CarGO group! Your five-star holiday with branches all over Poland.

Photo gallery of the Pilote integrated model G781FGJ

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This article was prepared in cooperation with Centrum Kempingowe CarGO!
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