Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort caravan - a companion for family escapades

Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort caravan - a companion for family escapades – main image

The French company Sterckeman, belonging to the Trigano concern, has been producing really decent trailers for many years and surprises us every year with new solutions and systems. The collection of caravans includes a wide spectrum of models from small and economical to luxurious and large layouts.

In the era of increasingly lighter passenger cars, often powered by powerful three-cylinder units or even equipped with alternative drives (electric/hybrid), the permissible weight of caravans is becoming increasingly important for caravanning enthusiasts.

Today we will show you a family model for 4 people with a GVW of only 950 kg. Our hero will be the Sterkeman Easy 380 CP Comfort.

Masterfully used space

The total length of the caravan is 550 cm with the drawbar and 440 cm without the drawbar. The total height is 258 cm and the width is 230 cm. The dimensions are therefore very compact, the curb weight in running order is 817 kg. So many dry numbers.

Can such a compact caravan be a holiday home for a family of 4? Of course! What will we find on board?

A door in the back leads to the interior, and immediately to the left we are greeted by a transversely placed bunk bed. The dimensions of the sleeping area on both levels are 210 x 75 cm. The second sleeping place in turn found its place in the front. A comfortable living room with a centrally located table provides a comfortable place to sit and eat meals. At night, we leave the table, gaining a bed with an area of 150x210 cm.

The construction of the trailer is surrounded by 5 openable windows. In the roof there is a place for a large skylight and space and the possibility of connecting an air conditioner. Opposite the entrance, right next to the bunk bed, we have a bathroom with a toilet and a washbasin, as well as a shower cabin.

The kitchenette looks pretty good. Despite the small volume of the trailer, we can easily fit provisions or dishes here and prepare a meal. A sink and a 3-burner stove as well as an 85-liter fridge give us many possibilities.

Opposite the kitchen you will find a large wardrobe for luggage and clothes. Around the living room we have shelves and 2 spacious ceiling cabinets. In combination with the boxes under the sofas, we have a lot of space to use.

Noteworthy is the technology in which the buildings were designed and made. The floor is 41 mm thick and has an outer layer of laminate. The heat-insulating core made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) and the composite load-bearing elements of the frame translate into above-average durability of the whole.

The manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty on the tightness of the building (condition for which are regular inspections at the manufacturer's authorized service partner).

Comfort Package - everything you need

The nickname "Comfort" in the name obliges. what does it mean? This version has a number of improvements over the standard Easy model. The equipment here includes:

  • laminate wall sheathing (instead of aluminium),
  • track stabilizing hitch AKS 3004,
  • shock absorbers,
  • electric boiler with a capacity of 5 liters,
  • the aforementioned roof skylight,
  • shower package,
  • several other useful additions (e.g. a 50-liter clean water tank or thicker, 15-centimeter thick mattresses).

From a practical point of view, the perfect complement to the package is a 100x40 cm service hatch that allows access from the outside to the storage compartment under the sofa. LED interior lighting and mood lighting of the ceiling kitchen cabinet are also important elements of the design.

Sterckeman trailers worth recommending if you are looking for a new trailer with an above-average quality-price ratio. The model described here is not only agile and compact, but also accommodates the whole family.

It is the perfect partner during your holiday adventure. Importantly, we can optionally order a 380CE with increased GVW (up to 1,300 kg). Therefore, we can potentially significantly increase the load capacity without exceeding the magic limit of 3.5 tons of GVW of the set.

The representative of the Sterckeman brand in Poland is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn .

Przyczepa kempingowa Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort ©Sterckeman
Przyczepa kempingowa Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort ©Sterckeman
Przyczepa kempingowa Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort ©Sterckeman
Przyczepa kempingowa Sterckeman Easy 380CE Comfort ©Sterckeman
This article was prepared in cooperation with ACK
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