Tabbert PEAT for the 60th anniversary of the brand

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Tabbert celebrates its 60th birthday this year. This is a good excuse to launch a new model on the market. The name of the new trailer is PEAT and means "Alfred Tabbert Private Edition". In this way, the brand decided to honor the memory of its founder.

Since this caravan is named after the first Tabbert vehicle builder, we should not be surprised that the appearance of the PEAT is more classic than that of the other models.

The fact that we are dealing with this particular brand is evidenced by details that are difficult to overlook - for example the characteristic rear lights with a coat of arms placed between them, which is also the logo. On the other side of the trailer you will find a spacious compartment for two gas cylinders.

Sizes and prices

In terms of price, the PEAT is slightly above the cheapest Da Vinci model , with prices starting at EUR 17,990. The new Tabbert model costs at least 21,690 euros (in Germany).

This model uses a thick (48 mm), well-insulated roof, which ensures tightness and absorbs noise well. The walls, roof and floor are fixed with special screws, which avoids the use of connections that could let heat in or favor unpleasant ailments in the future, such as susceptibility to moisture. Tabbert trailers have a 6-year warranty for the tightness of the body.

PEAT is available in sizes - from 689 to 807 centimeters. The permissible total weight is between 1,500 and 1,700 kg.


The caravan is available in four interior layouts, including one with a bunk bed . Some of the caravans with double or single beds are partially obscured by the furniture leading to the living area. As a result, the bedroom was minimally fenced off. The beds have foam mattresses .

When it comes to the fabrics used, customers can choose from two upholstery patterns. They were named Alfredo (after the founder of the brand) and Emma (after his wife).

The interior combines traditional and modern elements, but is generally decorated in line with current trends. The class of the vehicle can be recognized by the high-quality materials used and by the chrome handles. Among the elements that distinguish the caravan, there are two round analog clocks placed above the entrance door - one indicates the time and the other pressure.

As befits a modern caravan, the interior is equipped with LED lighting. As standard, we will also receive USB sockets adapted to charging smartphones. The 170 liter refrigerator has a removable 20 liter freezer. Under the refrigerator there is a special 55-liter drawer for storing, for example, vegetables and fruit. It is maintained at a temperature of approx. 12 degrees Celsius.

The fresh water tank is not very spacious - it can hold 45 liters. Depending on the length of the vehicle, S3004 or S5004 heating was used. There are as many as 5 230 V sockets in the caravan.

In addition to the standard equipment, additional packages are also available, such as "Jubilee package for the 60th anniversary" (including, among others, a lighting installation with a motion sensor), or a 12V Power Package (with a charger and 80 Ah gel battery).

To sum up, PEAT is a solid and modern caravan, which will certainly not be ashamed of the name of the founder of the brand, now part of the very extensive Knaus Tabbert group. All you could wish for are slightly more extensive standard equipment, especially larger water containers.

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