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The Tabbert Rossini is theoretically a reference to the past, because a few years ago a caravan was already produced under this name. The new Rossini, however, has much more in common with its older and bigger brothers than with its predecessor.

Tabbert trailers are considered luxury vehicles. Rossini, on the other hand, is to be an offer for those who dream of luxury , but the balance of the account does not necessarily reflect their aspirations. It's a bit like a Mercedes A-Class or BMW 1 Series - like a premium brand, but the price is not as unavailable as in the case of truly luxurious limousines.

Tabbert had experimented with a cheaper vehicle once, and he, too, was called the Rossini. But that model didn't catch on, because it was essentially a Knaus trailer with a changed logo. And yet Tabbert's customers expect something more. The management of the Knaus-Tabbert concern drew conclusions from that error and made the new "economic" trailer similar to the other, more expensive Tabbert models .

The characteristic lights on the back and the logo between them leave no doubt with what brand we are dealing with. The trailer is based on the Al-Ko chassis equipped with ATC (traction control system) and AKS (hitch with stabilizer) systems. Each model is equipped with double, insulated and tinted windows. Attention should also be paid to the roof made of RPG material , sealed on the underside with a 3-mm layer of non-woven fabric.

Standard on the level

In the interior we will not feel disappointed, but neither will we be surprised. In line with the way caravan interiors are currently designed, the Rossini model features simple furniture fronts, contrasting colors , or large and self-closing drawers under the kitchen worktop. There are separate compartments in the drawers, which will make it easier to organize cutlery and other contents. Next to the drawers there is also a narrow, pull- out pantry with wire baskets . The refrigerator, depending on the version, can have a capacity of 145 or 178 liters.

Attention is drawn to the large number of open shelves that can be found in many places of the caravan. There are also a lot of various storage compartments. Among the disadvantages of the caravan, the lighting should definitely be mentioned. Unfortunately, not counting the LED strips available for an additional fee, Tabbert still uses halogen bulbs , which heat up and consume more energy.

The bed, at an additional cost, may have a mattress made of disc springs . In fact, it looks as if a lot of small plates are placed next to each other under the mattress, which are in fact springs. The bed is 1945 cm long .

Pre-release leaks

Customers will have a choice of five interior plans , four lengths (from 5.10 m to 6.70 m, without the drawbar) and two Rossini widths. Prices start from 17,490 euros , and the most expensive models will be available for just over 20,000. euro (of course for models with basic equipment). Depending on the model, the total weight will be between 1,500 and 2,300 kg .

Where did the time come from? The Tabbert Rossini will go on sale in autumn, and it will be shown for the first time during the upcoming Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf 2014 . Then the manufacturer will probably reveal more photos of the new caravan from the "economy" segment. Let us add that it is economical for a Tabbert, and not in combination with the entire market.

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