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The first superstructure, or actually a camping extension, was made by Josef Tischer in 1973 , by mounting it to the Volkswagen Golf . More than 40 years later, the company, led by Peter, the son of the founder, produces nearly 200 annual bodies and collects awards, incl. for the strength and tightness of the body.

What is behind the success of the Tischer brand? At the time when the first buildings of this type were built, they were a great alternative to caravans - more expensive, heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Today, however, the buildings of the German company are still selling well, despite the strong competition in the form of motorhomes.

An invaluable advantage is the fact that today such bodies are mounted primarily on large pickups , which can be used to carry various loads on a daily basis, and can be easily transformed into comfortable campers at the weekend or during holidays.

Do you have a pickup truck? Build a house on wheels!

Tischer bodies can be ordered for virtually every pickup truck - and actually not only for a pickup truck, because the manufacturer also makes trailers and bodies similar to typical, semi-integrated motorhomes on an individual request.

This does not change the fact that Tischer sees potential customers primarily among pickup truck owners, for whom their vehicle is a universal car. You can go shopping with it, you can transport heavy loads, so why not use it as a tourist vehicle as well?

Regardless of the chosen installation size, Tischer offers two versions. The classic one is called Box - it's a bit angular, looks bigger and is cheaper. The Trail version is rounded and therefore more aerodynamic, with GRP components used in its construction. However, it requires approx. EUR 1000 surcharge (all prices in Germany).

One of the largest extensions of the Tischer brand is the bodywork for the Volkswagen T6 (both for the single and double cabin model). The width of such buildings is 221 cm, and the total height - 307 cm. The entire vehicle with a cabin measures 615 cm, but the length of the inside of the top is 285 cm . A person measuring 2 meters may stand upright in the camping area. The dimensions of the alcove are 208 x 132 cm.

According to the manufacturer, in the case of Volkswagen, it is enough to disassemble the side walls of the load box and insert the superstructure, and all the elements will fit together perfectly. Importantly, both in this and other models, we can leave the top box, for example, at the campsite , and go sightseeing or shopping without a "house on the back".


Full or rich

The equipment will depend largely on the wishes of the buyer. It is possible to buy a "bare" extension - in the case of the Volkswagen T6, the cost will be EUR 14,177 for the Box version. However, a body with standard equipment costs around 28-30 thousand. euro .

Only the smallest Trail / Box 200 (the name indicates the internal length of the body) will be significantly cheaper, where we will pay 21-23 thousand zlotys for an already arranged cabin. euro . In this model, however, we will not find a toilet and bathroom part, which is present in all other versions.

When deciding on a standard construction, the client receives a 90-liter refrigerator , a 2-burner gas stove, wardrobes, cabinets and lockers, an on-board panel with a digital display, Truma Combi heating, a sleeping place for four people and, as I mentioned, a bathroom (with a toilet) , shower and folding washbasin). In most models (except 200), a 96-liter water tank is also available (in the smallest building there are two canisters of 15 liters each).

Additional equipment includes: awning, solar panels, insulation and heating of the sewage tank, and even a toilet ventilation system . The extension can also be equipped with a rotating aluminum table, a folding worktop in the kitchen, or a set of sockets (12V, 230V, USB). We also have five variants of upholstery and curtains to choose from, thanks to which the pickup camper will be decorated according to the customer's taste.

All in all, the choice of available options seems sufficient, and the prices (including those for additional equipment) are quite reasonable (e.g. an aluminum table costs about 200 euros, and a USB socket - 90 euros). It must be admitted that some manufacturers try to make better money on such extras.

If you already have or plan to buy a pickup truck, such a camping trailer seems to be an interesting option to consider.

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