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A long journey, many days spent at the campsite ... In the evening it would not hurt to watch an interesting movie or learn about the latest news from the world. In such a situation, a TV set is not enough. An antenna is also needed. But which one should you choose?

We can buy the antenna for PLN 100 or for ... 6,000. zloty. The price gap is huge, but so is the difference between the capabilities of individual antennas.

Crown DVB-T

When buying an antenna to receive terrestrial television, pay attention to whether it has been adapted to receive the DVB-T signal . We can have an antenna such as the Polish Crown for about PLN 80-100 . It enables the reception of popular TV and radio programs (VHF).

The original shape makes the Korona receive the signal omnidirectionally, so there is no need to point it towards the transmitter. The antenna receives frequencies 47-862 MHZ (channels 1-68) and is equipped with an amplifier with adjustable power . Adjustment allows you to adjust the strength of the received signal to the range in a given place. If there is no such adjustment, both too weak and too strong a signal can cause image distortion. 098_antena_korona.jpg

As standard, the antenna is connected to a 12V socket . You can buy a magnet for the antenna, which will allow you to easily put the antenna on the roof when parked and hide it when not in use.

Albeeta DVB-T for camping

We will buy an Albeet antenna at a similar price. Contrary to the Crown, Albeeta is inconspicuous because its diameter is 23 cm and the height is only 9 cm. Strong neodymium magnets used enable quick and easy installation on the roof of the vehicle.

This antenna is also omnidirectional, and the frequency range it receives is 40-850 MHz. The manufacturer ensures that the amplifier used in the antenna provides high resistance to interference from, for example, cellular networks and CB-radio.

The housing is made of solid plastic that does not adversely affect the reception of TV signals. Anti- slip feet at the base of the antenna ensure stable operation regardless of its location.

Megasat Campingman Portable Twin / Auto Skew

At the opposite price point, we can find omni-directional antennas for satellite TV reception. Megasat Campingman costs not PLN 90, but PLN 6,000. PLN .

This antenna is equipped with an automatic positioner and satellite tracking system . It automatically aligns the signal from the selected satellite within 30 to 60 seconds and automatically tracks it while traveling. This means that passengers can watch TV even while driving!

The antenna is attached permanently, so we will not waste time assembling, disassembling, connecting and disconnecting it. It is covered with a plastic eaves - this is to protect it from physical damage. The distributor ensures that the antenna works with all tuners available on the market, and the controller searches for programs from eight satellites: Astra (1,2,3,4), Hotbird, Thor, Hispasat, Türksat.

Megasat Caravanman 85 Professional

An alternative to the Campingman model will be the Caravanman, which costs about PLN 6.5 thousand. zloty. This antenna is already equipped with a plate. If we put it on the roof of the vehicle, we will be able to fold it so that it is only 19 cm high while driving. After unfolding, the signal will be picked up by a plate with a diameter of 85 cm.

The manufacturer argues that this aluminum antenna provides perfect reception from the satellite, even with a very weak signal. In this case, the setting is also made automatically by pressing a single button, but searching for a signal takes 1 to 2 minutes . The LNB Twin system allows you to connect two TV sets.

It can also be cheaper

There are also satellite dishes on the market for as little as PLN 100 . Of course, they do not have automatic adjustment, and they are either permanently attached to the vehicle or with suction cups. However, if we want to have "any" satellite dish, we will find something for ourselves even at the lowest price point.

However, will we be satisfied with such a device is a completely different matter ...

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