What kind of refrigerator for camping?

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Mini version

The smallest refrigerators can be mounted in the armrest, between the driver and passenger seats. When you open it, you see a container divided into several parts. One will perfectly cool the bottles, the other will fit several cans, and the third, the largest, e.g. sandwiches.

Such a device can be from 10 to 23 liters and can be powered by both electricity from the battery and solar batteries. Thanks to the electronic panel, you can easily set the selected cooling temperature from +10 to -18 degrees C.

In addition, such a refrigerator can be easily removed and, thanks to the attached belt, put on your shoulder like a bag. And if so, you can even camp in the open air with a refrigerator.

Average weight

Who Said A Portable Refrigerator Must Be Small? There are also portable refrigerators with a capacity of 40 l. Some of them can be powered by both 12V and 230V. Thanks to this, they can work in various conditions - not only at the campsite, but also on the plot or in the garden.

Since such a device can be heavy (especially after filling it with food), it is not an option to carry with you, but it can work well if you do not have a refrigerator permanently installed in a motorhome or you want to transport food, e.g. from home to hotel or resort where we intend to spend the vacation.

You can also consider purchasing a small absorption refrigerator. Such a refrigerator is noiseless and can keep the temperature lower by up to 33 degrees C than the ambient temperature. The refrigerator can be powered by gas, 12V or 230V electricity.

Great cooling

Stationary refrigerators are most often used for motorhomes and caravans. It is worth paying some attention to choosing the right sizes so that the device fits the current furniture. Fortunately, new refrigerators generally take into account the dimensions of the old ones, so they can be freely interchanged with each other.

The presence of a freezer is also important. In some models, it can be removed, thanks to which the capacity of the cooling part can be increased. However, so that the water from the freezer does not condense in the cooling part, the best solution seems to be to place the freezer in a separate chamber, closed with a separate door.

When choosing the right refrigerator, it is worth paying attention to the following elements:

  • capacity
  • cooling temperature
  • cooling method (absorption or compressor refrigerator)
  • location of the freezer (inside the refrigerator or in the form of a separate compartment)
  • type of power supply
  • energy class
  • volume
  • device weight
  • the possibility of adjusting the position of the shelves
  • additional functions (control panel, display).

RV and caravan refrigerators are devices that are most often very similar to household refrigerators. Their higher price is due to the possibility of power supply from various sources (electricity, gas, solar panels), as well as additional functions, such as additional control panels, ventilation systems or heated door frames.

Stationary refrigerators usually have a capacity of 40 to 200 liters.


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