Venicia - the standard of the middle class

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Caravelair offers five lines of trailers. Venicia Premium is not the most expensive model yet, but it goes beyond the average.

The middle class is not the same as the average class. In the collection of the French manufacturer Venicia Premium, it is second only to the luxurious Serenity model, dedicated to wealthy and not necessarily the youngest users. Antares Luxe and Allegra are the poorer sisters of Venicia.

You can recognize the luxury in the details. In Venicia - the nicely contoured headrests of the sofas, the copper-colored washbasin, or the modern-looking on-board control panel.

Premium without complexes

The most expensive version is the model marked with the number 550. With standard equipment it costs 21,290 euro. This model - like the others in this series - is intended for two parents with two children. However, it is longer than the others. It measures 7.35 meters, and its permissible total weight is 1590 kg.

Venicia 550 can boast eight opening windows, six 230 V sockets inside the caravan and one outside. The standard equipment includes an air heating system, a 14-liter boiler, an electronic and illuminated control panel, a TV antenna with a mast, a 150-liter fridge with a freezer.

Venicia - the standard of the middle class – image 1

In such a model, tanks for clean and dirty water could not be missing. The first holds 40 liters and the second holds 30 liters of liquids. There is also no need to pay extra for a toilet with a shower tray and a shower.

For an additional fee, we can get, among others underfloor heating, roof air conditioning and microwave.

Cheaper doesn't mean worse

Compare this with the cheapest version of Venicia - the 440 model, which costs 19,590 euros. In this case, the overall length will be 6.25 m, and the maximum permissible total weight is 1,300 kg. This alone suggests that it will be a little tighter inside. And that's the fundamental difference.

In terms of equipment, the two models do not differ much. Model 440 has 7 openable windows, 4 internal sockets and one accessible from the outside. The fridge is smaller - 90 liters of products can fit in it. For an additional fee, you can buy the same elements as in Venicii 550.

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As you can guess - other models will also differ mainly in sizes. And so, the 470 model measures 6.75 meters, and its maximum total weight is 1,460 kg. You have to pay 21,290 euros for such a trailer.

22,090 euros is the price for the 480 version, which measures 6.95 m and its permissible total weight is 1,490 kg.

Each of these caravans will offer similar comfort, elegant and roomy furniture, stylish lighting, large windows and comfortable mattresses. And the differences between the various versions can be boiled down to the question of size. Those who pay more will have more space at their disposal.

Venicia - the standard of the middle class – image 1
Venicia - the standard of the middle class – image 2
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