Zooom - a small motorhome with an electric drive

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You have certainly heard about electric cars more than once. But have you come across a motorhome powered by fuel from an outlet? The German company Zooom now offers a camper van with several engines to choose from - one of them is fully electric.

The Zooom company has been building motorhomes since 1998. The manufacturer declares that its vehicles meet individual needs while maintaining reasonable prices and careful workmanship. Vehicles based on Citroen Jumper or Peugeot Partner were already on sale. Currently, however, the manufacturer uses only the Nissan NV200 as the basis for its touring cars, and these cars have received a new name: Zooom Stadtindianer . The car is 4.56 meters long and 1.75 meters wide. Its height (with the roof folded down) is 1.98 m.

Electric motorhome

The brand attracts attention mainly with the eNV200 version, i.e. in a motorhome with only an electric motor. This type of engine is completely exhaust-free , so from the very beginning it will be appreciated by everyone who loves the natural environment. But not only environmentalists will be pleased.

A vehicle with such an engine reduces operating costs, and its base price is less than PLN 40,000. euro . Considering that for this price we will get a modern car with a wide bed in the cabin (1.3 m) and front swivel seats (so it is possible to sleep in it), the price may seem quite attractive. Unfortunately, if we are also interested in a set of furniture and an additional place to sleep under a retractable roof, we will have to pay extra.


Driving the Nissan eNV200 alone can be an interesting experience. The car moves like an automatic gearbox , by moving the lever to the "drive" position and adding gas. The engine runs quietly and the car accelerates very efficiently, especially at low speeds. Therefore, the car enables a smooth and quite pleasant journey , at least if we drive at city speeds.

Unfortunately, after exceeding 100 km / h, the dynamics drops, and at 120 km / h the engine reaches its limits . What's worse, with the increase in speed, the range also decreases, which even with economical driving (in "eco" mode) is a maximum of ... 160 km . And this means that we could travel with such a vehicle in Germany or France, where there are relatively many electricity distributors, but in Poland we can treat a car with this engine as a curiosity.

For formalities, let's add that the electric version weighs 1650 kg, and its permissible total weight is 2220 kg .

There are also internal combustion versions

Fortunately (although it will not be lucky for environmentalists), Zooom also offers its motorhome with a gasoline engine and diesel units. The standard is diesel with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 110 hp .

Interestingly, the manufacturer uses a different pricing policy for the electric model and for vehicles with traditional engines. It is true that regardless of the chosen version, we will get a Nissan with extensive standard equipment (on board there is, among others, cruise control, rear view camera, automatic air conditioning). However, it is different with tourist equipment.


In the electric version, we have to pay extra for practically everything, except for the lower bed (this allowed the manufacturer to keep a good starting price for a "naked" vehicle). In versions with internal combustion engines, at a price of 42,300 euros , we get, among others a lifting roof, a refrigerator, a portable toilet and even a tent that folds out around the tailgate (so you can take an outdoor shower).

In the case of a vehicle with a base diesel engine, the car weighs 1,560 kg and its permissible total weight is 2,080 kg .

Coming to the ground ...

To sum up - a motorhome with an electric motor? It sounds great, but as long as the range of such a vehicle is about 100-150 km, and charging in our country is sometimes problematic, the Zooom with an electric motor remains an option only for "enthusiasts". In our gray reality, a Stadtindianer with a traditional engine will turn out to be a much more practical solution.

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