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So far, having your own new motorhome has been an unattainable dream for many of us. The Warsaw-based company Złotniccy , however, claims that this is a realistic goal, and we do not have to add to the new home on wheels, and we can even earn money on it!

Dreams versus reality

How long have you been thinking of having your own camper van? Most of us who have tried caravanning have become convinced of this form of tourism. When you spend another vacation in a rented car, you finally think that you could buy your own house on wheels. However, doubts immediately arise. First of all - financial. Let's face it, buying a new car is a big expense and not the "first necessities" type.

Hardly anyone uses a motorhome all year round. Usually, we decide to take a summer vacation, and also a few shorter trips. Meanwhile, insurance has to be paid. There are also problems related to parking, especially since a motorhome is never actually the only car in the family. But is this a reason to give up on your dreams? Not necessarily!

Buy a motorhome for yourself and for rent

Camping tourism in Poland is developing every year. The caravanning industry is also growing in strength and meets the current needs of its customers. The Złotniccy company (also known under the Campery-Złotniccy brand) has just introduced a new service to its offer.

For customers who order a brand new motorhome, the company offers the possibility of taking it into management and renting it out to other people when the owner is not using his vehicle. What does it mean?

As we mentioned earlier, we use the motorhome mainly during holidays, and we usually plan it well in advance. So we know when, for how long and where we will go. What about the rest of the year? Well, then we can rent our car to others.

If the motorhome is managed by Złotniccy at the latest at the end of April 2019, and during the medium and high season (i.e. until September 30), the owner will use it for a maximum of 2 weeks, the company ensures that it is able to generate up to 35 thousand PLN net of income (of course, this is not a guaranteed amount).

In the period from October to March, the owner's use of the motorhome should not affect the rental income. A detailed profit estimate is made after the owner closes the car's use calendar.

How to buy a motorhome for rent?

Here's what the whole operation might look like step by step.

1) We buy a Roller Team Kronos motorhome with additional equipment necessary from the point of view of the rental company.

2) We also conclude a third party liability and motor insurance contract with a recognized insurance company.

3) Then we sign a contract of entrusting the vehicle to management for 365 days.

4) Within a few days, we provide the company with a calendar of own car use, i.e. we specify when we want to have a car for our own use only.

From that day on, the manager will sell the remaining available lease terms to the customers of his rental company. For these reasons, if we want to change the terms of use, we will need to obtain the consent of the company.


The Złotnicki family will prepare the car for rental, inspect it after its return, check the renting person to eliminate the risk of vehicle misappropriation, and even settle any damage that cannot be covered by the insurance policy.

The company will rent a vehicle in accordance with the current price list on the website biletycampera.pl . The rental income will be paid after deducting the 20% commission on the basis of a VAT invoice with a 14-day payment term.

Service and parking - no problem

By undertaking such cooperation, you do not have to worry about the cost of servicing your car. The vehicle is under constant control of the company service. GPS monitoring allows you to know where your camper is located at all times.

In addition, you do not spend your sleep over the parking lot, nor its costs. Let's agree that hardly anyone can afford to keep a motorhome under the house. Such a vehicle will often not fit into the garage, and by holding such a car on the street or in a public parking place - you will easily endanger your neighbors. Usually, it is therefore necessary to use a paid car park. In addition, there is a security risk. By entrusting your motorhome to your care, you will also have this problem solved.


What about the costs?

Few of us can afford to buy a car for cash (although this is theoretically possible). Therefore, Campery Złotniccy in cooperation with Idea Getin Leasing has prepared a leasing offer, where the monthly installment is usually just over PLN 3,200 net. The height obviously depends on the specific vehicle.

The initial payment amounts to 15% of the car's value, the redemption amount - 6%. Leasing fees include additional customer protection - protection and legal assistance insurance. We will also not pay for vehicle registration. The lessor offers a quick and simple procedure for obtaining a lease - without financial documents.

A car like an apartment

Buying flats for rent, especially short-term, is very popular nowadays, also as an investment. Now this option is also extended to motorhomes. Your dreams of owning a motorhome may finally come true, thanks to the fact that the car has a chance to finance itself to a large extent. And you enjoy the benefits while avoiding responsibilities.

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