Caravans Salon 2022 - bravo Poznań!

Caravans Salon

The Caravans Salon fair in Poznań, which ended last weekend, was a "feast" in many respects. A real celebration of the Polish caravanning industry took place at the Poznań International Fair, almost in the very center of the capital of Wielkopolska. A few days after the end, words of praise continue, and the memories and comments published by the participants are the best confirmation of the success of the event.

Organizationally, the host rose to the occasion - as the statements of other trade fairs show, such undertakings can be burdened with the risk of shortcomings. Everything sounded like clockwork here.

Caravans Salon 2022 - 5 halls, hundreds of crews

The exhibition was located in a total of 5 halls, and in addition, a rally for several hundred crews was organized on the main MTP square. All in all, it had to be quite a challenge, but we managed to put it all together without any grinding. In one of the halls, as in previous editions, there is a place for retro motorhomes and vanlifer. The creators of extraordinary bodies, owners of sophisticated historic vehicles and travelers known from social media had their zone in hall 4 (yes, they also stayed here). The fair was also accompanied by an exhibition of tourist regions and a (albeit modest) exhibition of boats and yachts.

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The list of exhibitors includes leaders of the caravanning market - distributors and producers. The number of vehicles of all kinds - both caravans and motorhomes as well as accessories / equipment could make you dizzy. It's been a long time since exhibitors showed up with such a large exhibition. Although the industry is slowing down, it is pleasing that dozens of new caravans and motorhomes found their owners during the fair. The Greater Poland dealer of the Pilote group - CarGO! It managed to "liquefy" most of its market fleet, including the exclusive Frankia truck motorhomes.

It is worth noting that despite the different scale, "our" Poznań event has nothing to be ashamed of, even compared to more than one event, for example in Germany. This is evidenced by the fact that foreign brands make every effort to ensure that their displays look at least as impressive - this is confirmed by brands such as Hobby or Hymer, which were present in Poznań and really well visible.

Caravans Salon 2022 - What's new?

It is difficult to briefly describe all the novelties presented, because there were quite a lot of them.

Among the multi-purpose vans, it is definitely worth mentioning the latest designs of the manufacturer from Wielkopolska - the Wavecamper brand, which presented its latest child based on Mercedes (work on this project lasted for the last few months, and their fruit looks impressive).

On the eve of the opening of the fair to the public, the Polish premiere of the long-awaited vehicle, which until recently seemed to be just a futuristic concept, took place. The Hymer S-Vision described by us is a proposition for wealthy customers, but the technical solutions, materials used and a well-thought-out concept are definitely worth getting to know more closely.

The ELCAMP Group presented the new Adria Supersonic - a magnificent three-axle cruiser based on the Mercedes Sprinter makes an extraordinary impression not only from the outside. Design and attention to detail clearly confirm the Slovenian brand's aspirations for the high-end segment.

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Interesting offers for off-road fans could traditionally be admired at the Adventure Van Conversions stand. From old school designs based on the Chevrolet K150, through Bremach, Simba Defender, the phenomenal Watcher on the Sprinter, to the off-road Renault in the Master Grand Tourer and Master GT Rebel versions - there was something to look at.

The new Flair by M-CAMP attracted viewers like a magnet. This refined colossus continues the legendary legacy of Niesmann & Bischoff. It collects excellent reviews from our western neighbors, so it is not surprising that there is a wave of interest also on our side of the Odra River.

There was also an exhibition of the largest, ultra-luxurious vehicles from Concorde and Dethleffs. The Camping Center from Kutno showed over a dozen caravans and motorhomes from the current collections. ACK from Kędzierzyn-Koźle, next to an impressive stand with the latest offers from Benimar, Sterckeman and Eura Mobil (including the latest semi-integrateds based on Mercedes Sprinter, which we wrote about earlier), was often visited due to the impressive display of the accessories and equipment store, which enjoyed a huge successful among visitors.

There was also an opportunity to see the current offer of the Polish Niewiadow - we are very curious how in Poland and on European markets the new line of Cross trailers, shown here, will do.

Caravans Salon 2022 - royal integration and a successful rally

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Friday evening belonged to the rioters - in the so-called In the middle of the fair, the rally participants could meet and integrate, and the feast was enhanced by the performance of the "court" artist of the caravanning brothers and his band - TARAKA made the guests dance, and the encore seemed to be endless. The event organized by MTP shows how civilized conditions, a heated room and white tablecloths combined with excellent musical setting can affect the quality of the event and the well-being of guests. The banquet for exhibitors on the next day was also of a high standard - admittedly without live music (with the participation of a DJ). Also that evening, the MTP organizational staff did their best.

Poznań International Fair has once again confirmed its professionalism, and the attendance of both exhibitors and participants confirms full trust in the organizer and the capital of Wielkopolska as the host of the best caravanning event in Poland.


Caravans Salon
Caravans Salon
Caravans Salon
Caravans Salon
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