Italian beaches open from June?

Italian beaches open from June? – main image

The tourist season is fast approaching. Probably many of you associated your holiday plans with Italy. Do you have to abandon them in connection with the coronavirus epidemic? Italian authorities argue that not necessarily.

The mayor of the popular Italian resort of Riccione in the Emilia Romagna region - Renata Tosi - says that the beaches may open in mid-June!

All is not lost

The mayor informed that she had signals regarding the reservations made for summer apartments and that she would not like to disappoint the tourists. However, she is sure that this year's holiday will look completely different than before.

The beaches are to have fewer umbrellas and smaller dining facilities. Authorities are also considering introducing a limit on the number of people staying by the water at any one time. The opening of the Riccione beaches is tentatively scheduled for the second half of June.


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