"Campings of Europe 2021" guide - how to get it?

"Campings of Europe 2021" guide - how to get it? – main image

Our latest printed guide "Campings of Europe 2021" is now available, in which we present 240 of the most noteworthy campgrounds and Camper Parks. It does not include all the campsites that are available in a given country, but only a part of those that we consider the most noteworthy - we can say that we have already selected the appropriate gems for you.

What's in the guide?


You will find there basic information about the campground and the range of applicable prices, which will allow you to determine whether the campsite is one of the more expensive or cheaper ones. We also present contact details and a website where you can find more information about the facility.

If you want to find even more campsites and use the help of various filters (camping by the sea, camping in the mountains, available swimming pool ...), please use our campsite search engine .

In the guide you will find our suggestions for:

  • Campsites in Italy
  • Camps in Croatia
  • Camps in Poland
  • Campsites in Slovenia
  • Camps in Austria
  • Camps in Germany
  • Campsites in France
  • Camps in Hungary

Caravan and motorhome rentals in Poland

A novelty in this year's guide is a map of 41 caravan and motorhome rentals recommended by us. By using the services of these companies, you will also get our camping guide.

How to get a guide?

The guide is free and can be picked up at our stand during numerous fairs in which we participate.

List of fairs in which the CampRest portal will take part in 2021

Camping guide partners

It is thanks to our partners that the entire edition of the guide is free. You can get it by purchasing in their online stores (ask when ordering and the guide will be included in the package) or visit them in person.

Also, if you are planning some shopping, camping or motorhome rental, check the list of partners below:

Shops with caravanning accessories

Accessory stores that also offer online shipping. When placing your order, ask for a guide to be added to your order.

  • Camper Planet - a shop with caravanning accessories, rental, service and sale of motorhomes (personal pickup in Bielsko-Biała or via online orders)
  • Elcamp - a store with caravanning accessories, service and sale of motorhomes (personal collection in Krakow or via online orders)
  • Transa-M - a shop with caravanning accessories, service and sale of motorhomes (personal collection in Pszczyna or via online orders)
  • mCamp - service and sale of motorhomes (only personal collection in Dzierżoniów)
  • CarGO - a store with caravanning accessories, rental, service and sale of motorhomes (personal collection in Poznań or via online orders)
  • WaveCamper - motorhome bodies based on Volkswagen T6
  • Warsaw Caravanning Center "Szerokiej Drogi" - a shop with caravanning accessories and a camper and caravan salon in Warsaw

Motorhome and caravan rentals

In these rentals, you will get our guide for each rental

voiv. Masovian Voivodeship:

voiv. Lublin Province:


voiv. Łódź:

  • CampNow
  • Camperowo.pl
  • 4ampers

voiv. Lower Silesia:

voiv. Silesian:

voiv. Lesser Poland:

voiv. Subcarpathian Voivodeship:

voiv. Pomeranian:

voiv. Warmia - Masuria Province:

  • Ego motorhome

voiv. Greater Poland:

voiv. Lubusz Voivodeship:

  • BCamper

You will get our guide at these campsites

Order via Allegro


By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to the Allegro auction, where you can buy our guides:


Our camprest sets are also on sale: a book for children "Fairytale Camping - Tuscany" and a guide


Online version

If you want to see what the guide looks like inside, take a look here:


Download PDF version


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