Reuse rather than throw it away - Coca-Cola 2ndLives

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Not everything that is intended to be one-offs has to be. Coca-Cola campaigns to make people realize that plastic bottles can be used for many different purposes. Maybe it is worth thinking about it in the context of camping?

The action, devised by the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather, is carried out in Vietnam and Thailand. However, the producer of the popular drink plans to extend the campaign to all of Asia. As part of the project under the Coca-Cola 2ndLives slogan, 40,000 special caps are to be distributed, which will transform a used bottle into objects with new applications .

In total, 16 caps have been designed, which allow you to turn old bottles into e.g. exercise dumbbells, water guns, plant sprinklers, soap bubble kits and even pencil sharpeners .

Such additives make drinking bottles easier to reuse. Coca-Cola thus encourages you to consider whether a new use can be found for the item before throwing anything away. Not necessarily with the use of additional gadgets.

You can, for example, pour juice or tea into an old bottle, you can store salt or sugar in it. And if we are concerned about storing food products in "disposable" packaging, we can store others, especially those with a liquid or loose consistency.

By approaching the matter this way, it will surely also be used for packaging in the campground . How do you think bottles, cans or other reusable "disposable" items can be used? We are waiting for your ideas!


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