RV registration report in Poland (January - June 2023)

RV registration report in Poland (January - June 2023) – main image

The Polish Automotive Industry Association and the Polish Caravanning Group present a report on the registration of new and used motorhomes and caravans in the first half of 2023, prepared on the basis of data from the Central Register of Vehicles.

In the first two quarters of 2023, we recorded a decrease in the number of first registrations of new trailers and motorhomes in Poland. In the group of new motorhomes it amounted to -32.3% y/y. In the first six months of the year, 706 units were registered (-337 units).

How many new motorhomes were registered in Poland from January to June 2023?

Motorhome registrations - report In the category of new caravans, 529 units were registered in the first two quarters, which translated into a decrease by 21.4% (-144 units).

How many new caravans were registered in Poland from January to June 2023?

Caravan registrations - report In the first two quarters of 2023, 1,017 used motorhomes were registered for the first time in our country. This gives an increase in dynamics at the level of 5.3% (+ 51 items).

How many used motorhomes were imported to Poland from January to June 2023?

Imported motorhomes - quantities SPGC report A similar trend is visible on the market of used caravans, where the registration of imported used caravans increased by 7.6% yoy to the level of 4,214 units (+ 298 units).

How many used caravans were imported to Poland from January to June 2023?

Number of trailers imported to Poland In terms of countries of origin, Germany (382 units) and France (270 units) are the leaders in imported motorhomes. The third and fourth places were taken by the Netherlands (64 units) and Belgium (60 units).

From where are used motorhomes imported to Poland (January - June 2023)

Origin of motorhomes imported to Poland In the countries of origin of the imported used caravans, Denmark (919 units) remained in first place, while Great Britain (885 units) and the Netherlands (759 units) switched places in second and third place.

From where are used caravans imported to Poland (January - June 2023)

Origin of trailers imported to Poland

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Jakub Faryś, president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association, says: “Unfortunately, the last six months have seen significant drops in registrations of both motorhomes and caravans. In the case of cars, this may be still limited, although improving, availability of chassis. It seems that, unfortunately, it is also the rising prices of cars and trailers that make some customers choose used vehicles. This is indicated by the increase in registrations of used vehicles and caravans.

One of the reasons for the lower level of registration may be the fact that after the purchases made in previous years, rental companies buy less. This is indicated by the aggregated results for the market of new and used vehicles, which remain more or less at the level of the previous year.

Given that the holiday season is already underway, unfortunately, one should not expect that registrations will increase dramatically in the coming months.”.

Sebastian Klauz, vice-president of PGC, publisher of the Polski Caravaning magazine, says: “The first half of the year is a continuation of the trend characteristic of the first quarter. The huge increases in the prices of motorhomes recorded last year effectively slow down the demand, both among individual customers and companies. Rental companies, which are the driving force, are getting worse and worse. The above indicator of the trend, combined with the limited possibility of raising rental prices, causes the profitability of this business to decline. High inflation and high interest rates, which reduce the creditworthiness of entities, do not help either. All these factors may, however, cause the phenomenon of natural selection and the sifting out of entities providing services at a poor level.

Another "constant" factor influencing the current situation is the constant problems with the availability of chassis. Although the Stellantis concern has already started to deliver vehicles at the right pace, the price of the car base is currently not very attractive for the Polish configuration market. Our client expects a motorhome with an automatic gearbox, and Fiat lacks these. A big challenge for the market may soon be the lack of availability of Ford chassis - which is already announced by the manufacturers. Unfortunately, these chassis, due to the low excise duty, are used by the vast majority of vehicles purchased in Poland. I see an opportunity here for vehicles based on MAN chassis, which are used by KNAUS, WEINSBERG and several other manufacturers.

Summing up the results, it is worth paying attention to the total number of motorhomes registered in this half-year. Less than 6,500 is a number that will certainly translate positively into the development of the entire industry, giving work to service stations, caravanning shops and campsites.

We can only hope that slowly, as inflation decreases, the number of vehicles sold will increase.”

About PZPM:

The Polish Association of the Automotive Industry (PZPM) is the largest Polish organization of employers in the automotive industry, currently associating 57 companies: manufacturers and representatives of manufacturers of motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and body manufacturers in Poland. PZPM is a member of the European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers ACEA, the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers ACEM and the European Association of Body, Trailer and Semi-trailer Manufacturers - CLCCR. It represents the interests of member companies in contacts with administrative authorities
in Poland and Europe, the media, trade unions, other industry organizations and the entire society.



About PGC:

The Polish Caravanning Group Association was established in 2019 on the initiative of many people from the industry, including vehicle dealers, caravan manufacturers, exhibitors, caravan rental agents and the media. It is the largest Polish organization with this profile. The activity focuses on the needs of the caravanning and camping industry in Poland, represents the market and organizes congresses, fairs and rallies. From 2023, he represents Poland in the structures of the most important organization on the Old Continent - the European Caravan Federation.



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