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As a malicious Chinese once said, may you live in interesting times. And we live in a world of smog and a growing number of lifestyle diseases. The group of people suffering from gluten-related diseases (celiac disease, gluten allergy and intolerance , Dühring's disease) is also growing, having a negative impact on the digestive system. Gluten is found in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats. Patients should avoid, among others: bread made from these cereals, breaded dishes, noodle and whitened soups. In addition , gluten may contain many products, such as: cold cuts, blue cheeses, salads with dressings. This repeated "among others" can be problematic on vacation. We are sure about home-cooked food, but what about restaurants, cafes and fast food bars? Of course, you can cook on your own while on vacation, take products with the crossed-out grain with you or look for them in local stores. You can also choose tourist facilities where a person with a gluten-sensitive disease will feel safe when choosing a dish from the menu. Below we present a list of such places.

Villagio Turistico Internationale


It opens with Villagio Turistico Internationale , a 4-star property right on the beaches of Veneto, less than 2 km west of the center of Bibione. A stone's throw from the Adriatic Sea, with a water park with heated swimming pools and a full accommodation package with exclusive apartments for the most demanding people - a real paradise for vacationers. There is also a gym and a playground on site.

Vacationers who would like to go on a gluten-free Italian holiday will be pleased with their stay. The camping restaurant is certified by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association), which means that guests with celiac disease can eat there safely.

Camping Union Lido


This 5-star resort is located just outside Cavallino . It provides guests with a camping site, camper pitches, cottages and hotel rooms. Camping Union Lido attracts whole families. The youngest have access to a club with interesting activities. The program includes games and activities, and those interested can also register for a scout camp. The wellness & spa center has prepared a wide range of services for adults. Beaches with golden sand await everyone.

The menu of restaurants, fast food bars and pizzerias will delight everyone. This applies not only to "ordinary" customers, but also to guests with various types of food intolerances. To say that the facility has a lot to offer them is an understatement. It is a real paradise for people on a gluten-free diet! If you love Mediterranean cuisine, dishes based on pasta, meat (including fish), desserts or ice cream, you don't have to limit yourself. In many places you will see the symbol of a crossed grain. And those who like to cook themselves will find plenty of products in camping markets.

Camping Village Rocchette


The next point on the gluten-free tourist map of Italy is located in the western part of the country, approx. 20 km south of the town of Follonica. Camping Village Rocchette meets the expectations of people who have to be careful about what ends up on their plates.

You will spend your Italian holiday for people with celiac disease on a campsite, pitch, mobile home or lodge tent. In your free time, you can go to the beach, take a sightseeing trip (e.g. to Pisa for one day) or engage in water sports. The area invites you to walks and bike rides.

Camping Continental


Northern Italy is famous for its beautiful landscapes dominated by mountains and lakes. Among the wonderful landscapes there is another resort where you can spend a gluten-free holiday - Camping Continental. It was located on Lake Mergozzo, approximately 80 km northwest of Milan. It provides guests with all amenities. People avoiding gluten can enjoy a warm (and more) meal at Monkey Restaurant.

The accommodation offer of Camping Continental includes large plots for campers and tent pitches. Comfortable hotel rooms also await guests. A nice beach by the lake encourages blissful lazing.

Camping Village Laguna Blu


In the north-west of Sardinia, a few kilometers from Alghero, lies Camping Village Laguna Blu . It is popular among water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfing and sailing. Its accommodation base is divided into a camping site and an area of mobile homes with air conditioning and satellite TV.

Without a doubt, this is gluten-free camping . When shopping at the supermarket, you can be sure that you are adding safe products to your basket - they are properly described. The point sells a wide range of foods for people with gluten intolerance and other food allergies. The offer of the camping restaurant is equally attractive. Guests who have purchased a breakfast, dinner or full board package have a chef at their disposal. During the conversation, they will adjust the menu together to include nutritious meals without allergens .

Camping Village Cavallino


The next point is Camping Village Cavallino , located between Lido di Jesolo and Punta Sabbioni, on the Cavallino coast. It is beautifully located - right next to the sandy beach, surrounded by a pine forest, practically a stone's throw from Venice . Guests will find most of the accommodation options typical of this type of facilities.

The campsite belongs to the Baia Holiday chain, just like the previous one. This means that holidaymakers can count on an equally favorable offer for people whose daily menu includes a gluten-free diet .

Camping Village Poljana


This property is also a Baia Holiday point, so if you have any food allergies and are going to Croatia, we highly recommend coming here. A gluten-free holiday at this resort will be a time spent pleasantly, blissfully - and very tasty! Literally and figuratively, because the cuisine of this region is rich, colorful and incredibly aromatic.

There are 3 bars at Camping Village Pojlana with a varied menu. They guarantee guests a feast of tastes and smells, as well as wonderful views. Including sunsets you will never forget. The campsite itself is located in Mali Losinj, called the "green pearl" due to the lush vegetation that covers it. The location opposite the island of Krk, in the Kvarner Bay, gives plenty of room for maneuver for lovers of sightseeing and close contact with nature.

Capo d'Orso Camping Village


You will probably not be surprised that the next resort is Baia Holiday. Capo d'Orso Camping Village is located in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Sardinia. It is situated between Cannigione Arzachena and Palau, on the edge of the Costa Smeralda. Due to its favorable location, it is loved by virtually everyone, from families with children through groups of sports enthusiasts to pet owners (it is pet-friendly ).

If you are planning a holiday by a warm, clean sea with a diversified coastline, Capo d'Orso may be a hit. Overnight stay in a tent, camper, cottage or bungalow, excellent cuisine, well-thought-out animation program for children and adults - what more do you need to be happy?

Camping Village Roma Capitol


We now move to Rome, specifically to one of its oldest districts. In Ostia Antica there is Camping Village Roma Capitol , where people with any type of food intolerance can safely go. Why? Because he also belongs to Baia Holiday. After talking to the chef, you will have peace of mind about your menu, and if you prefer to cook on your own, you will find products described in detail in the supermarket.

Anyone who dreams of a trip to Rome will be delighted with the proximity of the monuments of the Eternal City, as well as the amenities of the campsite itself. It is a well-equipped facility that will be enriched with another attraction in 2021 - a large water park. The project includes, among others: Olympic swimming pool, Spray Park for children, Wellness Park with water jets and lots of other entertainment. All this for 11.5 thousand. m². We can't wait!

Camping Flaminio


Without a doubt, a Roman holiday is the dream of thousands of tourists. They come back here many times, because one (second or tenth) vacation is not enough to see all the attractions of the Eternal City. Near the Tiber, about 9 km north of the metropolis, there is another gluten-free camping on our list. It houses the "L'Ottavo Colle" restaurant, famous for its typical Roman cuisine. Guests with allergies, intolerance to some ingredients, as well as vegetarians can count on dishes dedicated to their needs. If desired, the chefs prepare specially composed meals for children.

What point is this? Camping Flaminio, offering accommodation in bungalows and in the camping zone. In addition, it has a swimming pool, bar, laundry and 5-star sanitary facilities (including for people with disabilities).

Marina di Venezia


Would you like to go to a premium camping site ? A place where, surrounded by greenery, you can, for example, sit in a jacuzzi on a covered terrace? Spend time in a luxurious bungalow or on one of the 300 grassy plots? Or maybe glamping is more tempting for you? If you answered "yes" to at least one question, we invite you to Camping Marina di Venezia .

Without a doubt, in the Gulf of Venice you will find numerous campsites with an offer that will take your breath away. This is a region that is very popular among tourists from all over the world, so it is no wonder that local facilities compete with each other in tempting guests with amenities. But Marina di Venezia is more than just a campsite. This is a 5-star complex created for demanding holidaymakers - including people on a gluten-free diet. They will eat up to their ears here, just like vegetarians and vegans. Guests can choose from as many as 14 dining options.

Camping Ca' Savio


When describing another campsite, we must return to Cavallino-Treporti . There is a facility here that is loved by crowds of tourists, especially families with children. A pine forest and the proximity of a quiet beach guarantee a peaceful holiday in the bosom of nature. If you want to explore the area, you can reach Venice by boat in half an hour with a catch.

Camping Ca' Savio will certainly appeal to both those who want to recharge their batteries while on holiday, as well as fans of active recreation. There is a perfectly stocked market on its premises. You will find there, among others: fresh vegetables and fruits, a wide selection of bread and cakes, pizza (available by slice or whole) and many other products. There is also a food court with delicious hot and cold dishes.

Sant'Angelo Village


Let's not leave Cavallino-Treporti just yet. About 20 km east of Venice is the 5-star Camping Sant'Angelo . There is a restaurant, a pizzeria, a fast food bar, a supermarket and a bazaar on its premises. Those who prefer to prepare their own meals will have no problems collecting the ingredients needed for dinner. In 2021, the restaurant will undergo a general renovation and will gain new splendor.

Visitors to this campsite can choose from camping sites, cottages, apartments, bungalows and caravans. In the coming year, a new type of trailer will be added to the offer - Maxi Caravan Nice XL with larger, more comfortable beds and many other improvements.

Camping Fusina


Opposite Venice, at the mouth of the Brenta Canal, there is another point where tourists with celiac disease and other gluten-dependent diseases will find culinary options tailored to their needs. This is a year-round Camping Fusina , from which you can get to the city center on stilts by water tram.

Those who are thinking about Venice when planning a holiday in Italy will be satisfied with their choice of this property. Not only can you reach it in fifteen minutes, but the campsite itself has something to attract guests. It has a swimming pool, gym, laundry, a pier for tourists with their own boat, as well as a restaurant, pizzeria and bar. There is also a shop selling groceries, fruit and vegetables, bread and local wines. Just right for a meal.

Albatros Park


When traveling along the west coast of Italy, you can stay at the Park Abatros campsite. This is a perfect place to visit Napoleon's island - Elba. Over 300 plots are available to caravanners, while for those who prefer greater comfort, there is an offer of cottages and bungalows.

Tourists who chose Camping Park Albatros highly praise the dishes of its restaurant. People suffering from celiac disease and other gluten-dependent diseases will enjoy delicious lunches, snacks and desserts here. We really recommend this place!

Norcenni Girasole Club


Our list of gluten-free campsites includes Norcenni Girasole Club , located about 30 km southeast of Florence. Surrounded by the greenery of Tuscan forests, it welcomes tourists, offering them accommodation in a tent, on a camper pitch, in a mobile home or a bungalow. The landscapes that can be admired from the facility have already enchanted many tourists.

There are several restaurants and fast food bars on site. People with gluten allergies/intolerance can take advantage of the offer of the Sant'Andrea restaurant-pizzeria. It serves classic, gluten-free and delicious dishes for vegetarians.

Glam Village Desenzano


Let's now move to another area besieged by tourists - the shores of Lake Garda. More precisely, over its southwestern part. Glam Village Desenzano is waiting for those interested, a resort that advertises itself as designed specifically to provide guests with a wonderful vacation. Guests have access to exclusive apartments, comfortable houses and large plots of land. They can also use their private beach and outdoor swimming pool. This place is popular among water sports enthusiasts, from sailing to windsurfing.

The camping restaurant serves meals typical of this region of Italy. The menu includes, among others: gluten-free pizza and fish dishes. They can be prepared classically or in a gluten-free option.

Orbetello Camping Village


Orbetello Camping Village closes the list of resorts suitable for gluten-free holidays. It is located right next to the Monte Argentario headland, popular with sailing fans. We can book accommodation at a campsite, camper pitch, bungalow or mobile home. Guests can enjoy a swimming pool , a playground, sports fields and a sandy beach.

There is a restaurant on site which, in addition to classic meals, serves gluten-free dishes. You can enjoy delicious dishes on site, which also include snacks and desserts.

Holidays for gluten-free people - gluten-free food that is easy to prepare

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As you can see, you can relax in picturesque surroundings, at a campsite with numerous amenities, and at the same time not worry about meals. Even when you have to stick to a strict gluten-free diet. If you are just at the beginning of this journey and eating out still scares you, a very good solution for holiday trips are ready-to-heat dishes available in this store: https://bit.ly/expresmenudokampera

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