Abruzzo - a bridge between the north and south of Italy

Abruzzo - a bridge between the north and south of Italy – main image

Abruzzo is a region in the central part of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. It neighbors three other regions - Lazio, Molise and Marche. The main cities are Chieti, Teramo and Pescara. Many people call Abruzzo the bridge that connects the north with the south of the country. It is also one of the most natural places in Europe, known as a green land. It is home to over 70% of the continent's flora and fauna species.

Between the sea and the mountains

Traveling in a motorhome on vacation to Italy will bring a lot of fun mainly to nature lovers, who appreciate both access to the sea and hiking in the mountains. Interestingly - Abruzzo is not one of the most popular places among tourists, so it will appeal to everyone looking for a holiday away from crowded routes. The convenient location makes Abruzzo unique. On the one hand, 2/3 of the area of the region is covered by the Central Apennines, on the other hand, it is surrounded by the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. These are ideal conditions for one day to enjoy the charms of the coast in coastal towns, and the next day to climb the snow-capped peaks with Monte Amaro and Corno Grande towering over the area. Numerous attractions await nature lovers on a trip to Abruzzo . On its territory, they will find three national parks and as many as 30 nature reserves. Many endangered plant and animal species can be observed there. Abruzzo is not only beautiful nature, but also monuments. It is also called the land of castles for a reason. So you will find numerous medieval castles, palaces and even monasteries in the area. There are also caves and hermits. Don't forget to visit Teramo with the Church of Saint Mary, the Bishop's Palace from the 14th century, and the remains of the fortifications and the Roman amphitheater. In Pescara, which serves as a port, you will find numerous beaches, and in the capital of Abruzzo - Aquila, lying at the foot of the mountains, you will be able to practice winter sports.

Eating in Abruzzo


Rest in Abruzzo is also an opportunity to try local dishes. And these, it must be admitted, captivate with their taste, aroma and… abundance of served portions. Most of the dishes are spicy and expressive, mainly due to the frequent addition of diavolicchio peppers to them. While on vacation in Abruzzo , try the fresh seafood delivered by the Adriatic Sea. The best ones are mussels, octopus and shrimp. It is from them that the popular brodetto soup is made. Fried fish in vinegar, seasoned with saffron, is equally popular, the region of which is the largest supplier in the country. Meat fans will love the baked and fried lamb and mutton dishes. We especially recommend the lamb drumsticks served with artichokes and lamb chops. In recent years, Abruzzo wines have grown in popularity. They are made mainly of two grape varieties - trebbiano and montepulciano.

Campsites in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a paradise for vacationers of all ages - everyone will find something for themselves there. Sandy beaches, mountain peaks, medieval monuments, rich fauna and flora combined with delicious cuisine create the image of an ideal holiday destination. It's strange that so few tourists get there. Although it is the peace and the lack of crowds that make this place even more special. If you are interested, you can stay at one of the campsites in Abruzzo .


Camping Village Eurcamping offers accommodation in Abruzzo , directly by the sea, in a quiet area and with all the necessary amenities. From there, it is close to places of interest in the region.

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