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Squeezed between the mountain peaks of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, the little region of Abruzzo is one of the wildest places in Italy. The harsh mountain climate has never encouraged people to settle here in large numbers, moreover, after the Second World War, those who lived here decided to leave their towns and villages to look for a better life in big cities. And maybe that is why Abruzzo has not been interested in anyone for a long time. Today, the region finally has its 5 minutes, and a trip to Abruzzo is on the list of every traveler who likes less beaten paths. Why? Perhaps because Abruzia is almost officially called "Europe's greenest region", and more than a third of its area is occupied by national parks. And although during our holidays in Abruzzo we will not find many Michelangelo sculptures or take a gondola ride among the canals, thanks to the ubiquitous nature here, we will certainly recharge our batteries for the entire season! So where to start this magical journey?

Mountains and the sea


Visiting Abruzzo is largely a treat for mountain hikers and for experiencing the simple, peaceful life of the province. Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga are two areas that make up a nature park that is one of the best in Italy, but also one of the largest in Europe. It is here that you can climb almost 3000 meters above sea level and reach the highest peak of the Apennines - Corno Grande . The area is also home to many wild animals that don't always care about human presence ... often getting in the way of tourists. Majella National Park , although not that big, is perhaps even more loved by trekking enthusiasts - there are over 500 km of trails leading between the peaks and passes. There are also a good number of caves in the park, but only one - the impressive Grota del Cavallone - is open to tourists. Abruzzo National Park, in turn, is the oldest protected area in the country, which impresses with paths delineated by green forests and hills. Of course, everyone who likes to spend their holidays actively knows that not only by walking, but also ... resting and eating! The food in Abruzzo is surprising - it is far from the sophistication of the southern cuisine, and the meals are simple, yet full of the aromas of fresh herbs and vegetables. Locals especially like abbacchio - grilled lamb, which goes well with the local wine. On the beach, thanks to the abundance of seafood, you can taste guazzetto - a soup with the addition of various sea flavors. At the end of your Abruzzo holiday, indulge in the art of relaxing on one of the beaches. This region has a coastline that stretches for over 130 kilometers - so it is certain that everyone will find their piece of wild beach here.


Campsites in Abruzzo

For active people - both solo travelers and with children - camping in Abruzzo is the best solution when it comes to accommodation. You can forget about seepage tents or the lack of water! In the 21st. overnight in Abruzzo at a modern campground is a great adventure. There are all amenities, sports offer and the opportunity to taste local cuisine on site. Camping Village Eurcamping distinguishes itself from other resorts with its excellent quality of services, an extremely friendly approach of employees and its location. The beach is only 100 meters from the campsite, and the surrounding rocky coast is one of the most picturesque places in the region. Nobody will be bored at the campsite: the youngest can spend the whole days playing with animators, and older guests will surely appreciate the possibility of relaxing in the large and pleasant swimming pool. To make your stay in Abruzzo even more enjoyable, at the end of the day you should savor the local cuisine, trying local dishes in restaurants and pizzerias.

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