Chioggia - the romantic atmosphere of Venice

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Chioggia is a city built on water. It is located between Venice and the Adriatic Sea coast in the Veneto region. No wonder it is sometimes called the second Venice. This town attracts tourists with very interesting monuments. The numerous canals and bridges are also very impressive.

The origins of this extraordinary town date back to 2000 BC and are associated with the Pelasgians, the people of Thessaly sailors. The Romans named the place Clodia. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the town became a refuge for refugees from lands invaded by barbarians. In the 16th century, this place became a strategic coastal defensive point.

Chioggia - the charms of "little Venice"

Chioggia is an island connected to the mainland by several roads. Like Venice, the town is crossed by numerous canals, bridges and squares . The most important canal of Chioggia is the Vena Canal with nine bridges. Buildings and churches stretch along it.

The Ponte Vigo bridge was built over the canal right next to the lagoon and leads to the square of the same name. Here you can see a tall column decorated with the lion of St. Mark, as well as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary , erected in the 12th century.

In Chioggia, it is worth visiting the Basilica of St. James the Apostle, the Church of St. Andrew from the 18th century and the Romanesque clock tower from the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries, which houses the oldest clock in the world - was made by Giovanni Dondi.


The main street of Chioggia is Corso del Topolo . It is here that the commercial, intellectual and social life of the town is concentrated. We find here historic tenement houses, shops, bars, restaurants, churches and offices. This promenade leads to the sea and the port. Sottomarina is the coastal district of Chioggia, located on the Adriatic Sea. Its area is occupied by hotel buildings and a sandy beach several kilometers long.

Family-run Camping Oasi

A short distance from Chioggia, directly at the port and at the mouth of the Brenta River, surrounded by lush vegetation, we find Camping Oasi . The resort has access to its own beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are two swimming pools on the campsite, including one with a paddling pool and a slide for children.

In the summer season, animators organize extremely attractive activities for children. In addition, Camping Oasi has a playground, basketball, volleyball and football fields. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy canoeing, diving, windsurfing and surfing here.


We will rent a sailboat near the campsite. However, if someone does not prefer water sports, they can go horse riding, play tennis or go on a bike trip (there are some very picturesque bike paths in the area). There is also a TV room, a games room and a "jeu de boules" field.

At Camping Oasi you can rent a plots with electricity and sanitary connections or a comfortable holiday home for up to 4 adults and a child. The chalets are equipped with air conditioning , a living room with a sofa and a bedroom with a double bed or single beds (optional version), and a terrace where you can enjoy your morning coffee or enjoy the view of the sun setting over the Adriatic Sea.

The resort has a restaurant, bar, pizzeria and a grocery store with fresh bread. Most of the resort is within range of Wi-Fi. You can also use wireless internet on the beach. Camping Oasi is the perfect place to rest and 'recharge your batteries' before exploring the next attractions in the Veneto region.

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