How much do camping holidays in Poland cost?

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We often underestimate what we have just "behind the fence". So maybe it's time to check out the offer of campsites in Poland? More and more cool resorts are being built here, and regardless of whether you choose to stay in a house or a tent, in a camper or caravan - camping is a great place to spend a family holiday! In this article, we share information about how much it costs to rent both a camping house and a plot of land on which you can put your tent, trailer or camper.

Rent a Dutch cottage all year round

There are few campsites in Poland where we can take out a mobile home - like in foreign campsites, but there are more and more of them. A heated holiday home can be rented at some campsites all year round (e.g. at the Camp4U campsite near Wrocław). Such a house usually has two bedrooms and one or two bathrooms, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Campsites often also offer additional equipment for small children, such as travel cots and bathtubs.


The cottages are usually for four or five people. There are also six-person and three-bedroom houses, but they are still rare. The prices you will see below are the price for the entire house for all the people who can sleep in it.

Such holiday cottages, if located on a campsite, most likely belong to the owner of the facility. An exception is, for example, the Holiday Golden Resort, where Vacansoleil built its cottages. And the fact that one of the largest tour operators has built its cottages in this particular campsite proves that it has a European character and meets the high requirements of a Dutch company that leases land for its cottages on campsites throughout Europe.

Where to go on holiday? Sample prices


Below you will find sample prices for renting a cottage at the campsite, or the price for renting a plot for one night. If I did not provide a price for the plot, it means that there are no plots available at the campsite.

The price for the plot is the price for one day for placing a camper, trailer or tent with a car and a fee for 2 adults and electricity connection. There is an additional fee for each additional person.

  • Camp66 (Ściegny near Karpacz) – holidays in the mountains :
    • 4-person cottage: PLN 240 per day.
    • Plot from PLN 65
  • Holiday Golden Resort (Łazy near Mielno), which has houses by the sea :
    • 4-person cottage in July: PLN 685 per night, but if you book now, HB board is included in the price
  • Camp4U camping (Siechnice near Wrocław) – holidays in the city :
    • 4-person cottage: PLN 250 per day
    • Plot: PLN 80
  • recreation center (Łagów near Świebodzin) – holidays by the lake :
    • A 4-person cottage in July: PLN 300 - PLN 600 per day depending on the cottage.
    • Plot from PLN 70
  • Camping Alexa (Chłapowo) – holidays by the sea :
    • Plot: from PLN 74

Cheaper than on Booking

Camping holidays are usually not cheap holidays , but remember that the amount you pay for the pitch or cottage often includes all the additional attractions available at the campsite. Maybe it's free access to the lake or beach, entry to the swimming pool, use of playing fields, attractions for children , animations for children, themed evenings, meetings, festivals and many others. What should you pay attention to when choosing a campsite? That's right: don't be guided by the price, i.e. don't rule out expensive offers for cottages without knowing the entire offer of the campsite. If you like good camping in Poland and want to save on your vacation, choose a date outside the high season or, if possible , go with your own tent . You can also choose a larger house, take your grandparents and share the costs, or go to less popular places where prices are much lower and provide the attractions on your own. I recommend booking your stay at the campsite directly with its owner rather than on other booking sites.

A campsite as well as a child-friendly hotel


Currently, campsites in Europe look more like dispersed hotels than campsites . Most of the camping area is occupied by holiday cottages, and there are very few places for tents or campers. In the previously mentioned Holiday Golden Resort, there are no places at all where you can pitch your tent or camper.

Such places are especially prepared for families with children. They have child-friendly infrastructure, i.e. they often prohibit vehicular traffic between the cottages (just like in the hotel), and in addition there are plenty of attractions for small and older children: several playgrounds and animators, rope parks and sports fields. At many campsites, toilets are adapted for children. There are special low toilets, family shower cabins and rooms for changing and bathing babies.

Read our article Camping instead of a hotel to learn more about why you should choose a camping site instead of a hotel.

Cheap accommodation for a camper


However, if you rent a camper for your holiday, you will certainly want to visit several places and not all of them have to be campsites. I would like to emphasize that cheaper does not mean less safe or of lower quality, but I encourage you to stay overnight in designated places, especially if you are traveling with children. More and more places are being built in Poland where you can safely spend the night for a small fee, and you may like it here more than at a campsite.

Camper Parks

Camper Parks are parking lots with facilities for campers. What does it mean? That camping is not allowed in this "parking lot". You can't fold out the awning or the chairs, and there's usually just no room for that. It is possible to empty gray water tanks and empty the chemical toilet, as well as refill fresh water.

This year, several such places were created, including: Camper Park Bursaki . Camper parks such as the one in Krosno are usually built next to existing sports facilities, swimming pools, museums or amusement parks.


Marinas have all the amenities a camper needs, but such places often do not officially announce that you can stay there with a camper. If you see such a marina during your trip, it is worth asking the owner about the possibility of staying there for at least one night



This is probably one of the most interesting places we visited in Poland. Vineyard Sandomierska offers its guests the opportunity to sleep in the vineyard, provided that they buy wine from them. In high season, Marceli (the owner) shows guests around the vineyard, and at the end you can participate in a tasting. The vineyard also has its own cheeses, cold cuts and soon its own bread made from its own grains. My advice is this - buy wine supplies in the evening so as not to wake up the owners too often to replenish supplies ;)

You can stay in a camper in the middle of the vineyard, take a walk in the hills in the morning, and finally visit Sandomierz.

When to book a camping holiday?


It happens that the most popular campsites are booked by guests from year to year, so you have to decide really quickly for the most popular dates in July and August. Sometimes you won't find any vacancies even in February.

I also recommend booking in advance if you are going camping on a long weekend (even out of season). I also recommend booking in advance for small campsites. Places there fill up very quickly. Check out one of our favorite small and cozy campsites: Camp9 nature campground in Tarnowskie Góry.


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