In the shadow of the seven hills

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Lazio is a picturesque region of Italy famous for its beautiful hills, olive groves and vineyards. The heart of Lazio is Rome - a city situated on seven hills. Aventine, Caelius, Esquiline, Quirinale, Palatine, Viminal and Capitol are the foundations of the city, and at the same time are its symbols. The surroundings of these hills are perfect for relaxation.

The Roman hills are on the eastern side of the Tiber. They played an important role in the politics of ancient Rome, as well as in its religion and mythology. The largest area is occupied by the Eskwilin hill, the highest is Quirinal, and the greenest - Aventine Hill. The smallest and most important for Rome is the Capitol . There, in antiquity, the temples of Jupiter, Minerva and Juno were located. It is worth getting to know these hills better when visiting Rome. By the way, you can find very comfortable accommodation near them.

Family vacation in Lazio

Near Rome, in the town of Fiano Romano, in the Tiber Valley, we can find a family-run and much appreciated Camping I Pini Family Park , whose mascot and symbol is a nice Elf. This place has a very good opinion of tourists who praise not only the friendly service and cleanliness, but also the convenient location.


The resort provides guests with convenient transport to the center of Rome , making it easy to visit the Italian capital. In addition, the campsite offers a lot of attractions for children and adults, e.g. a club where animators prepare games and activities for children. The resort offers slides , playground, trampoline, mini golf, and a paddling pool adapted to the needs of even the youngest guests.

If we are looking for an active holiday, we can use the swimming pool or multi-purpose pitch, where we can play football or volleyball. There are plenty of cycle paths near the campground, so you can take a scenic trip with the bike rental service there.


Camping I Pini Family Park covers an area of 10 hectares, is situated among trees providing shade. We can stay there in comfortable holiday homes , where we have a well-equipped kitchenette connected to the living room, bathroom and one or more bedrooms depending on the size of the house. Additionally, we can comfortably drink our morning coffee in the covered patio. If we come with a motorhome, we can park it on one of the many plots with sanitary and electricity connections.

Frascati, penne and other delicacies

Lazio is famous for wine, oil and cheese. This region is primarily associated with Frascati and Marino . These are gold-tinged white wines that are produced in the Castelli Romani area. The cuisine of this region, on the other hand, is rich in vegetables (mainly peas, zucchini, broad beans and artichokes). Despite the fact that the basis of the daily diet is seafood, at the same time, frequent elements of the Roman menu are spaghetti alla carbonara, bucatini all'amatriciana, rigatoni and penne. Rome is famous for its delicious ice cream and sweet raisin bignè - cookies with cream or fruit soaked in rum.


Local delicacies can also be enjoyed at I Pini Family Park Camping. There is a very good restaurant there. It is worth ordering, for example, fettuccine (Roman tagliatelle), abbacchio alla romana (Roman lamb) or saltimbocca alla romana (veal with prosciutto, sage and white wine). The resort also has a bar where you can order cool drinks or taste local wine.

A trip to Rome

Since Camping I Pini Family Park provides comfortable access to Rome, it would be a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. The Eternal City can be visited many times, and we will not discover all its attractions. It takes a lot of trips. Most tourists first go to the most famous landmarks of the Italian capital - the Colosseum, the Baroque Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter. It is worth noting that in Rome there are as many as 900 churches and 2,000 fountains.


A must see place is the Roman Forum . It is the oldest Roman square surrounded by six hills. The Pantheon , on the other hand, is one of the best-preserved buildings from ancient Rome, it has the shape of a rotunda, 42 meters in diameter and the same number of meters in height. When looking for refreshment and respite during a trip around Rome, it is worth taking a break in one of the many local parks or gardens . The most famous are Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili, Villa Ada and Parco dell'Appia Antica.

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