Intimate towns in the vicinity of Rome

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Western Italy is associated primarily with large agglomerations. In this part of the country, tourists are drawn to Rome, Naples and Genoa. These cities are not only the historical heritage of Italy, but also modern tourist centers that are visited by millions of guests from all over the world every year. However, the Tyrrhenian Sea coast is not only big metropolises. Small towns and villages scattered along the shore are the quintessence of Italy. Old buildings, customs and culture have been preserved there. The area around Rome is unique in this respect, where the monuments of a bygone era combine with modern buildings in an original way. The most famous and frequently visited places are Nettuno and Fiumicino.

Nettuno - the city of the god of the seas


Nettuno, or Neptune, is about 55 km southeast of Rome city center. The architecture of the town is mainly dominated by remains from the Middle Ages, but there are also relics from much more distant times. Medieval are, among others walls surrounding part of the village. At every step you can find ruins or other fragments of Roman gods' temples . The best-preserved are the place of the goddess of Fortune, the Hercules complex and numerous traces of the cult of Neptune.

Today, Nettuno is a dynamically developing tourist town. In addition to the remains of ancient times, it attracts visitors with attractions typical of a seaside resort. Among other things, it has its own port where you can moor your own boat. Those willing will not have a problem with renting a boat on site, if they only want to go on a trip and see the area from the water.

The region is very popular with tourists who like to relax in the bosom of nature, among greenery. Both in the town and in the immediate vicinity there are many recreational areas perfect for a picnic, relaxation or a date. In Nettuno itself is Loricina Park, the site of summer events including concerts, festivals and shows. Also worth visiting is Riserva naturale provinciale Villa Borghese, a private natural area right in the center.

Fiumicino - the city of St. Hippolytus


Another attractive point on the Tyrrhenian coast is the city of Fiumicino. It is located about 30 km southwest of the heart of Rome. The oral tradition and the tradition related to it are mentioned by St. Hippolytus as a martyr for the faith, who died in the area of today's agglomeration. In memory of this event, as well as as part of its celebration, it was chosen as the patron of the city. Throughout its history, Fiumicino was primarily a protective area, as can be seen from the remains of coastal towers. Nowadays, it is a tourist city, with autonomy obtained only in 1992.

The architecture of Fiumicino is dominated by military buildings. During the walk, tourists can see defense towers, e.g. the tower in Pietra Castle , a replica of the Clementine Tower and the Palidoro Tower. There is no shortage of archaeological sites in the city and the surrounding area, which are a great attraction for lovers.

The commune of Fiumicino extends over a protected area. Its territory is part of the Riserva naturale statale Litorale Romano nature reserve. Near the airport, there is an interesting point that is worth paying attention to. It is the Macchiagrande Oasis, home to many species of waterfowl.

Where to stay?


If you are interested in these towns or you are planning a Roman vacation, we recommend using the accommodation offer prepared by Camping Village & Resort Roma Capitol . The facility is an intimate resort belonging to the Baia Holiday chain. It is located about 30 km southwest of the center of the Eternal City. It offers its guests a stay in comfortable mobile homes, rest in lodge tents, as well as spacious pitches. It has a water park with swimming pools, restaurants and quite an extensive entertainment program organized by the animation team.

You can read more about the campground itself here: Holidays on the Tyrrhenian Sea

The campsite is located by the coast and is a perfect starting point for nearby attractions. Fiumicino is only 4 km (west) from the resort. To get to Nettuno, you can drive the distance along the Tyrrhenian coast road and then head southeast. The town is located about 45 km from the resort.

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