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Istria is now one of the most popular summer tourism destinations on the entire Adriatic coast. The region is located mostly in the north-western part of Croatia and partly in Slovenia, and its fame may be due to its extremely convenient location. Perfect for people going to Croatia for the first time. The route from the south of Poland takes less than a trip to the Baltic Sea. Many attractions await travelers to Istria - beautiful beaches, rocky bays, green islets, charming towns and vineyards, thanks to which you will spend an unforgettable holiday. Due to numerous similarities, the region is sometimes referred to as the new Tuscany. We guarantee that the heart-shaped peninsula will captivate not only lovers.

Rovinj - the pearl on the hill

Rovinj, compared to the French Saint-Tropez, is a one-of-a-kind town. However, it is closer to Italy, whose citizens constitute a significant part of the inhabitants, which they call Rovigno. Artists who made it an inspiring Mecca love the city, and tourists love it, who say Rovinj is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. The history of the city dates back to the beginning of the Middle Ages, the atmosphere of which you will feel in the perfectly preserved old town, completely closed to car traffic.


The biggest attractions, including the church of St. You will see Euphemia with the belfry while walking between extremely atmospheric winding streets, full of tenement houses with red roofs. The town is full of photogenic cats lounging on the red-hot pavements and washing ... hung between colorful buildings. In the itinerary of Rovinj , you should also include a visit to the Franciscan monastery, admiring the remains of the city walls, a visit to the port and a stroll along the artists' street - Grisia, where they exhibit their works. Rovinj is surrounded by the sea on almost all sides. However, it is in vain to look for sandy beaches there. Most tourists enjoy water bathing along the rocky coast. The supporters of naturism, popular in the region, will also be delighted with rest in Rovinj .

Peninsula specialties and products

Rovinj is famous for its local products not only in the country but also abroad. The culinary pearl of Istria are white and black truffles, which go well with meat dishes and pasta. There are also many variations on them, including truffle olive oil and sheep cheese with their addition. An equally famous delicacy is the Istrian soup made of red mulled wine, excellent oil, salt and sugar. It is served with baked bread directly from a ceramic vessel called the bukaleta.


Food in Istria is full of Italian and French influences, so in restaurants and pubs you will find many dishes with seafood, fish and cheese. The fresh mussels from the Lim Channel, known for their breeding, deserve special attention. When talking about the specialties of the peninsula, we cannot forget about alcohol produced in the region. The people of Istria pride themselves on two varieties of wine - malvasia and teran. It is worthwhile to spice up your holidays in Croatia by tasting the delicious rakija - honey medica and mistletoe biska.

Camps in Istria


You will get from Poland to Istria in only 12 hours. In the north of the peninsula, you can stay at Camping Vestar , recommended by us, located 5 km south of the center of Rovinj. Located directly by the sea, the facility will allow you to admire the islands and islets lying on the coast line. Importantly, this facility has access to a sandy beach, rare in Croatia. The place will be especially liked by those who are looking for accommodation in Istria , away from the hustle and bustle of the city with convenient access to the main attractions. You will have at your disposal a swimming pool, a volleyball court, and numerous bicycle paths will be liked by all enthusiasts of trips around the area. On site you will also use the restaurant, grocery store and cafe. Even though the campsite is ready to accommodate 570 motorhomes, we recommend booking it in advance in high season.

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