Rome - a walk in the shadow of the Colosseum

Rome - a walk in the shadow of the Colosseum – main image

Rome is one of the most beautiful European capitals, very often visited by tourists. The city is located in the central region of Italy on the Tiber River and is one of the largest tourist centers - not only in Italy, but in the world. 

Rome is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its origins date back to 753 BC. According to legend, Romulus was the founder of the city. Rome very quickly became a power on the Mediterranean Sea. After its fall in 476, the city had many rulers. In 754 Rome became the capital of the Papal States, and in the 15th century it was recognized as one of the main centers of Renaissance culture and art. In 1870, the city was incorporated into Italy, and a year later it became the capital of the country.

The charm of Roman monuments

The historic center of Rome does not occupy a large area, thanks to which most of the interesting places are located close to each other. Thanks to the nearby mountains, lakes, vineyards and olive groves, the Eternal City also has beautiful landscapes to offer.


While in Rome, you must see the remains of ancient monuments and medieval buildings. The best-preserved and most famous monument is the Flavian Amphitheater - the Colosseum. It is also worth seeing the Pantheon , a temple located on the Field of Mars.

When it comes to Rome, it's hard to ignore the Vatican . The most important sacred buildings are the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter . When visiting the city, it is worth going to the longest and widest Spanish Steps in Europe, which will lead us to the Trinitia dei Monti church.

Rome is a city of love and parks. The symbolic place of lovers is the Ponte Milvio bridge, on which, according to the tradition of couples, they hang locks of love. Tourists looking for a moment of relaxation and rest from the noisy city center can go for a romantic walk to one of the many parks. The most famous of them is the Villa Borghese Park , where you can see Giovanni Fontana's fountains and sculptures by Pietro Bernini .

Roman specialties on the plate

Roman cuisine combines Tuscan temperament with Etruscan tradition. The basic secrets of Italian cuisine are simple recipes and high-quality ingredients.

Local Roman cuisine is famous for the so-called quinto-quarto , or the fifth quarter of the animal, and dishes such as pasta with veal tripe - rigatoni con pajata . However, in the center of Rome, restaurants most often offer specialties from other parts of the country, such as pasta with pesto sauce, risotto, polenta .


Dishes made of fresh seafood, as well as steamed or blanched vegetables are also very popular. The specialties of Italian cuisine that should be tasted in every corner of the country are certainly pizza, but also ice cream with pieces of chocolate and delicious coffee.

Camping Village Fabulous

Rome is a tourist city with as many as 600 accommodation facilities. If we want to stay in the center or near it, we can easily find a hotel, guesthouse or apartment. However, when you are looking for a quiet place that allows you to relax close to nature, but comfortable, it is worth choosing Camping Village Fabulous , located near the capital of Italy.

This resort is situated in a 30-hectare pine forest between Ostia and Rome. The dome of St. Peter!

There are many attractions for the whole family on the campsite, including a swimming pool area with an ice cream parlor, two tennis courts, as well as a rich animation program. For children, there is a playground, sports field and mini-golf. Young people can use the games room with pool tables, beach volleyball court, and in the evening there is an open-air disco.

The resort has a market, cafe and restaurant, bar, pizzeria . There are also vending machines for snacks and drinks. You can also organize a barbecue without any problems.


There are luxurious houses and bungalows waiting for tourists here. Each of them is equipped with air conditioning, fridge, kitchenette, patio. You can leave your car in the free car park. The campsite also has internet access and an ATM . The center has also been adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Thanks to the bus connection (the stop is approx. 200 meters from the campsite), you can quickly and easily get to the center of Rome, while Ostia beach and Fiumicino airport can be reached in around 15 minutes.

Camping Village Fabulous is a great base not only for exploring Rome, but also for admiring other charming villages in the area.

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