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Holidays in Croatia are nothing new for Poles - probably each of us has already been to Dubrovnik or admired the Plitvice Lakes so many times that he could lead tours around them himself. Therefore, when choosing a holiday vacation in this picturesque corner of Europe, it is worth looking for a place that is perhaps less known, less visited by coach trips, but because of this - maybe also much, much more interesting? If you are looking for a place that would allow us to get away from the crowds, but at the same time had a lot to offer, it is worth going for a short trip to a small, beautifully situated Rovinj. Situated right on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the town is a great place to relax and immerse yourself in a fascinating mixture of two cultures: Italian and Croatian. Many tourists come here to take a break from the chaos and rush of life in nearby Venice. And this is not the worst choice - if we board the ferry, we will reach the famous "City of Lovers" in just two hours!

Rovinj - the city of relaxation

Visiting Rovinj could not be more enjoyable - the old part of the city is downright compact and it's best to get around on your own feet or ... by bike. Yes, it is enough to go to one of the two-wheeler rental points and for a small fee we can glide through the rich network of bicycle paths, admiring the charms of the city. Rovinj looks most beautiful from a bird's eye view - and to see it from this perspective, we do not need to rent a helicopter, just climb to the top of the campanile (bell tower) of the cathedral of St. Euphemia , so that the panorama of the city and the surrounding sea spread under our feet.


The next step should be the local market, where hundreds of people swarm in the morning. It is worth stocking up on olive oil (according to some, the best in the world!) And ... truffles . Yes, these unique mushrooms, which are a favorite dish in many of the most expensive restaurants in the world, are not only a specialty of France, but also of Istria! You can fill the rest of the day with the usual blissful laziness - walks along the narrow, stone streets of the old town can literally take us back in time. Numerous old houses, in front of which you can still find Rovinjians basking in the sun, blend in perfectly with the blue sky and sea visible a bit further. The Adriatic Sea here is warm and clean, and the evening and morning breezes that blow from it allow everyone who is tired of the journey to breathe fully.

Campsites in Rovinj

Camping Amarin

Overnight in Croatia is only seemingly an easy matter. In fact, it is difficult to choose the one that would best meet our expectations in a flood of offers. The convenient location should allow you to visit the main attractions of the region, as well as provide relaxation, a sense of privacy, and peace and quiet. Campsites in Rovinj provide everything at once! Camping Amarin is a great place for every traveler: situated on the majestic rocky coast, only 100 meters from the beach, it allows you to enjoy the best of the Adriatic coast. There is a school and a rental facility for windsurfing, boat and diving equipment rental. In other words: we can discover the secrets of the Adriatic here at will! In addition, you can eat to your heart's content: you can choose from a pizzeria, a fast food bar, a restaurant serving local dishes and a grocery store. As Rovinj is a great place for a family vacation in Croatia , the campsite also took care of the little ones. Every day, the animators organize dozens of games and activities that will attract every kid! So how are we going to Rovinj?

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