Salerno - the underestimated pearl of Campania

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Campania is one of the most visited regions in southern Italy. Mainly due to Naples, famous for the best pizza in the country and views of the nearby Vesuvius. In the shadow of the popular capital of the region, however, you can find an equally beautiful and interesting, although often underestimated and omitted by tourists city - Salerno. Beautifully situated and full of monuments, it can become a perfect travel point in sunny Italy. What can you see in the picturesque city on the Tyrrhenian Sea? Where would you recommend to go while visiting Salerno?

Salerno on the trail of history

The uprising of Salerno dates back to 197 BC. The city, then a Roman colony, was under the rule of the Lombards in 646 AD and in 839 it became the capital of an independent principality. It was in Salerno that the famous medical school was founded - Schola Medica Salernitana, considered to this day as one of the first medieval universities. The following years were not easy for the city - conquered by the Normans, and later under the Hohenstaufa rule, it lost its importance. During the Second World War, the city was a battlefield between the German army and the combined Allied forces. The long history of the city is reflected in the large number of monuments and places worth visiting. Start your holiday in Salerno with a visit to the tomb of St. Matthew, the patron saint of the city. In your trip plan, also include a visit to the Museo Diocesano, Museo Archeologico Provinciale and Museo dello Sbarco. The latter will be especially popular with those interested in the history of the Allied landing in 1943 during Operation Avalanche. Do not forget about the monumental Arechi Castle, erected on a hill at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. During the day it offers an extraordinary panorama of the area, and in the evening, the well-lit building proudly towers over the entire city. It is worth ending your visit to Salerno with a several-hour trip to Paestum - one of the most important archaeological parks in Europe. You will find well-preserved Doric-style temples there.

Picturesque Amalfi Coast


Costiera Amalfitana , or the Amalfi Coast, is one of the most charming and spectacular places in Italy. An exceptionally beautiful road leads to it, connecting Vietri sul Mare in the east with Positano in the west. The winding road runs along the mountain slope, between cascaded houses and right on the sea, creating an unforgettable landscape. Salerno is an ideal starting point to admire the views, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On your way you will pass densely dotted vineyards, olive groves and lemon orchards. It is from the aromatic lemons of the region that the famous Italian liqueur is made - limoncello, which you can bring from your travels in Campania . The coast, however, is not only breathtaking views, but also atmospheric towns, colloquially known as the "13 pearls of the Amalfi Coast". The most popular of these is Amalfi, where you can see the 11th-century cathedral and the Paper Museum. During your vacation in Italy , it is also worth visiting Positano, which, thanks to its colorful houses situated on steep rocks, has earned the title of the most beautiful town on the coast. However, be prepared for a large number of steps leading through the town. The next point of the trip may be Ravello, where there are the ruins of a castle built almost in the heart of the city - in Piazza del Vescovado.

Campsites in Campania

Interesting history, access to the azure sea, which is spectacularly combined with the green mountains, will turn every trip to this region of Italy into an unforgettable adventure. Importantly, there are plenty of places for people traveling with a motorhome in the area. Campsites in Campania , such as Camping Villaggio dei Pini , offer visitors many activities and services. A place with a private beach, toilet with hot showers and Internet access is adapted to the needs of children and people who like active recreation in the fresh air.

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