The best campsites in Poland - part 1

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Do you want to spend your holiday in Poland , but you don't know where to go? We come to your aid and present the first batch of the best Polish campsites. Yes, this is the first of several parts, because there are more and more nice campsites in Poland every year and there is something to show.

The order of campsites mentioned in the article is random, and subsequent parts of this article will contain equally good campsites.

In each paragraph there is a link to the camping profile in our camping search engine, where you will find information such as: detailed address details, website, telephone numbers and sample prices.

Camping Zatoka Bajka

This is an exceptionally located facility. Camping Zatoka Bajka is located right next to the swimming pool with clean water and a beach. It is surrounded by a pine forest. There are animations at the campsite during the season. You'll hear more in the video we shot during our stay there in 2022. recreation center

If you like spending your holidays at the lake surrounded by the forest, you will certainly want to stay here longer. Zacisze is a place where you can both rest and spend time actively. The campsite has direct access to the lake and has as much as 700 m of shoreline. You can rent SUPs and beautiful pedal boats in the shape of VW Beetles! There are plenty of walking and cycling paths around the facility, volleyball courts, and a new playground for children.


The campsite is located in the Natura 2000 area, and the lake has the highest purity class (you can find crayfish there!). It is worth noting that the campsite is dog-friendly and there are free bags for collecting dog excrement throughout the entire area. It is worth adding that this year Zacisze is planning a lot of new amenities. Among other things, larger toilets with a dishwashing room are being built at the campsite. There is a camper service here. Children will certainly love the opportunity to swim in the lake . This year, there will also be an even larger beach and a new large trampoline. Children can play ping-pong, badminton, football and beach volleyball. These facilities are free. Approx. 20 km from the campsite is the Majaland amusement park.

Camp66 - campsite with a view of the mountains


This year-round 4-star campsite is located just 4 km from Karpacz and offers a wonderful view of the nearby mountains. Each of the 42 available plots is connected to electricity and water. Recently, the campsite has a professional camper-service point. The bathrooms have family shower cabins. The campsite has a playground, an outdoor gym and a large sandbox. Additionally, one of the buildings has a play corner for children. Children have plenty of attractions here, such as workshops, and the well-organized Children's Day deserves special recognition. During the summer season , Camp 66 sets up a swimming pool.

Or maybe you prefer to go to the seaside in a camper ?

Alex's camping


Camping Alexa is located in the Seaside Landscape Park, on a cliff with a wonderful view of the sea . It has direct access to the sandy beach . Due to the fact that it is located quite high, you can watch amazing sunrises straight from the camper. On the adjacent beach you can buy fresh fish from a fishing boat early in the morning, and at the campsite itself there is a special station where everyone can trim it themselves and then fry it in the communal kitchen. Alexa Camping has a camper-service . It is a well-developed facility - its area is crossed by well-kept alleys, and guests have a sense of privacy in separate plots. Interestingly, there is a dog park here. The center is located close to the center of Chłapowo, where there is a promenade and plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes. The campsite has a great playground with soft sandy ground. During the season, the facility offers attractive animations for children. In case of bad weather, children have a playroom at their disposal. There is a family bathing room in a heated building with sanitary facilities.

Camping Gacki "Podkowa"


The campsite is located directly on Lake Podkowa, away from the city and its hustle and bustle. It has its own beach, and in the immediate vicinity there are vast areas ideal for walking and cycling . There is a camper service at the campsite. Children will certainly love the playground located right next to the lake. The reservoir at the Gacki campsite has a gentle descent into the water.

Surf SPOT Pier


The Surf Spot Pier is located on the Bay of Puck, right next to the water and the port in Jastarnia, so very close to the center. There is a camper service at the campsite. Children have a small but new playground here. The water and the beach in the bay are clean, and the access to the water is gentle. It is worth adding that the water in this place is definitely warmer than on the sea side.

Camping Polana Sosny


This family campsite is located directly next to the river, which can be accessed via steps directly from some of the pitches. The facility has great new toilets and camper service. It is worth noting that this is a year-round resort located under the ski slope. There is a playground and a volleyball court for the youngest guests. Camping Polana Sosny has access to the river, a narrow rocky beach, and there is plenty of greenery throughout the area for active recreation.

Camp4U camping


This brand new year-round campsite is located in the middle of a pine forest. In the morning you will wake up to the singing of birds, and the evenings will be pleasant with sunsets shining through the tall trees. The campsite has large plots that can accommodate large vehicles. It also has a camper service. This is a great place to visit the capital of Lower Silesia. The market square in Wrocław is only 13 km from the campsite. If you have a bike, you can get there along the bike path along the Oder, but you need to set aside a few hours for this. The Camp4U campsite has a swimming pool and a small beach with sand toys and loungers.

Camp9 nature campground Poland


Camp9 is located in the forest between rapeseed fields and is run by a pair of exceptional travelers. While exploring the world, they dreamed of creating a unique place - a campsite that would function in harmony with the surroundings. This is probably the most ecological facility of this type in Poland, and maybe even in Europe! Among other things, it has its own water purification plant. Inez and Gunther provide guests with a large kitchen where they can prepare meals together on a huge countertop. Guests can also use the fireplace room. Inez runs yoga classes at the campsite. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to come here with a pet.

Camping Inter-Nos


This campsite is located on a private island with an area of 8.5 hectares on Lake Lubie (in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship). You need to get to the island by ferry, which runs every two hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (on weekends between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.). There is also a floating footbridge next to it for pedestrians and cyclists. There is a small shop at the reception, and a larger grocery store is 2 km away, in Lubieszewo. This campsite is a great place for active recreation with family. It offers organized kayaking trips and will also advise interested parties where to go by bike. It must be emphasized that there are plenty of paths in the area.

Don't see the campsite you're looking for here? Check out the second part of our list: The best campsites in Poland – part 2 .

Where to go on holiday with a camper? Ready-made camper routes

The description of the campsites comes from the e-book: "5 Camper Trails - Poland" available in our store Gł In this issue you will find proposals for several dozen accommodations, which are arranged in 5 ready-made camper routes around Poland. The map is at the beginning of each route, and in each of them you will find basic information about the length of the entire route, the length of individual sections, and you will get a link to a Google map with the planned route. At each stop there is also a link to a Google map or to the camping profile in our camping search engine.

In the e-book, in addition to the description of the campsite, you will also find information such as:

  • Are the campsites pet-friendly?
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