Veneto and thermal waters of the Alps

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Veneto is a very diverse region. We can find there mountains, the sea, the amazing Lake Garda, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Venice. In this region, there are also remarkable, excellent for health, euganic baths waiting for us.

The north-eastern part of Italy, where Veneto is located, is a region very rich in attractions, especially because of the charming and romantic cities of Venice, Verona and Padua . In addition, this area is famous for its delicious cuisine and excellent wine . It is willingly visited by people looking for sandy, clean beaches and by climbing enthusiasts. However, not everyone knows that Veneto is also great thermal baths that were already appreciated by the ancient Romans.

Baths of Veneto

The region of Terme Euganee is located in the Po plain, near Padola, approx. 30 km from Venice. It includes several famous Italian spa towns. These include Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme, Battaglia Terme, Teolo and Galzignano Terme. In these places you can enjoy the healing thermal waters from the foothills of the Alps, approx. 80 km away, from where they flow to the Terme Euganee reservoir. During this journey, at a depth of 2,000–3,000 m, the water is enriched with minerals and, under high pressure, heated to almost 90 degrees C. Then it fills the pools and is also used to heat buildings.

Montegrotto thermal baths offer anti-stress treatment combined with beauty care and the health-promoting effect of water from hundreds of springs. Here, you can enjoy balneotherapy, fan therapy, kinesiotherapy, massage, or relax in a sauna or diaphoretic caves.


Galzignano Terme, Teolo and Battaglia Terme are right in the center of the Euganaan hill. This place is a favorite destination of Italian visitors . It attracts with thermal water with a temperature of 84.5 degrees Celsius, enriched with salt, bromine and iodine, which is additionally hyperthermal and radioactive. Visitors can take advantage of fan therapy, balneotherapy, grototherapy, inhalation treatments and beauty treatments.


The oldest thermal baths in the world - Termy di Valgrande - lie in the Alpine valley, at the foot of Cima Bagni at an altitude of 1,300 m. and thermal water . The water drawn there is rich in mineral salts and sulfur, which is why it is used for skin treatments , phlebology and thermal cosmetology.


Therma di Caldiero is located in Caldiero, a small town a few kilometers from Verona. There are swimming pools fed by thermal water from the Little Dolomites and Monti Lessini available to patients. In Terma di Caldiero, aerosol inhalations are carried out because the chemical composition of the thermal water is well tolerated by the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Additionally, protective treatments for the stomach and stimulation of the liver are performed there.

Camping Laguna Village

Veneto is not only hot springs and therapeutic baths. People who prefer the classic way of spending their holidays at the beach or by the pool will also find a wide range of leisure activities there. This region of Italy offers a rich base of comfortable facilities, ensuring relaxation, also active, and tasty meals.

An example is the coastal town of Caorle, where we find the Camping Laguna Village appreciated by guests - an ideal place to relax, hidden in the shade of pine trees and near a wide beach. This resort is a very picturesque place for relaxation, and at the same time you can easily reach the thermal waters described above.

At Camping Laguna Village, air-conditioned holiday homes await guests, equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and a comfortable patio. They will surely appeal to even the most demanding holidaymakers. Plots with electricity and sanitary connections are also available in the resort.


The campsite offers many attractions , you can practice water sports there, go motorboat, sailboat or ride a bike. The resort has a complex of swimming pools that ensure perfect relaxation - large with three depth levels, rectangular for those looking for peace and a whirlpool with 22 seats for adults, where you can relax perfectly.

Children will be happy to spend their free time on the finger of games , they can also participate in activities organized by the animators, play volleyball or table tennis.


The delicacy of the Euganean coast is risotto, made with delicious fresh fish or mussels. This dish can be enjoyed in the campsite's elegant restaurant , while sipping the best Venetian wines - Soave, Valpolicella or Bardolino.

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