First time with a trailer

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Are you going on a journey with a trailer, but you don't have much experience driving a set of vehicles? Read on to what you should pay attention to!

Regardless of whether you intend to tow a caravan or a cargo car with your passenger car, the rules will be the same. First of all, you should check whether the given trailer model can be connected to the car. And it is not only about technical issues such as the presence of a tow bar , but also about legal compliance.

The mass must be right

In Poland, there are regulations according to which, if a car + trailer combination exceeds the permissible total weight of 3.5 tons, it is treated as a truck, so it must have ViaToll - a device that calculates and collects tolls for driving on Polish roads. It is worth knowing that ViaToll is valid not only on motorways and expressways, but also on many sections of national routes. The full list can be found here: .

However, it may happen that although the set does not exceed 3.5 tons, you still cannot use it. This will happen if the trailer to be towed has a higher maximum laden weight than the passenger car manufacturer allows.

You will find relevant information in the car registration certificate . In the O1 position it is indicated which "heaviest" trailer equipped with a brake can pull the car. The item O2 applies to trailers, mainly cargo trailers, without brakes. If the weight of the trailer you want to tow is higher, better let it go! First of all - you will break the law, second - you can damage the car.

A completely different drive

If everything is ok then get ready to ride. The most important thing is to be aware that the car + trailer set will behave differently than the car itself under certain conditions.

First of all, it will take longer to reach the same speed , because the load in the rear will slow the car down a bit. Take this into account especially when overtaking - such a maneuver will require much more time, and you will need more space to complete it. When driving ahead, keep an eye on the mirrors, but also watch out for an oncoming vehicle. Sometimes it is better to quit and even retreat than risk a collision.

Another important thing is braking . The weight of the trailer will affect the extension of the braking distance, so you will need more time and space to stop the entire set. It is best to check in a safe place, before going on the road, how your caravan behaves during such a maneuver.

When you start moving, do it gently so as not to burn the clutch. In general - gentleness and caution are essential when towing a trailer. You also have to be careful when cornering . Be sure to slow down properly before taking a tight corner, because if you try to take it too fast, you risk hitting the side of the road or hitting the sidewalk. You can even make the trailer tip over!

Also remember about the recipes . In built-up areas, the maximum permissible speed for a car with a trailer is the same as without a trailer - 50 km / h. This fact may lull your vigilance. Meanwhile, on all other roads (including highways!), The maximum speed of the set is 80 km / h.


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