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Modern campers and caravans are more and more often complex vehicles of advanced design that require professional service. Professional service is of great importance, especially in the case of liquidation of damages after collisions or random accidents. In order to avoid losing the value of the vehicle and maintain its utility values for many years, we should entrust such works to specialists.

We are talking about claims handling with Michał Maślany - service manager of ELCAMP RV

Michał, for many years your company has been dealing with the distribution, retrofitting and service of several leading brands of motorhomes and caravans. What distinguishes you as a professional accident service?

Above all, experience and efficiency. Nothing can be left to chance here. Our specialists take part in most of the training courses conducted by leading manufacturers of camping vehicles in Europe. We have all the necessary tools for specialized motorhome repairs.

Above all, however, we make sure that the entire process of claim handling and repair is carried out with a minimum participation and maximum saving of our client's time.

And what is this claim settlement procedure?


We represent the client at every stage of the liquidation process, both cash and non-cash. First, we secure the vehicle and tow it to our workshop. Then we report the claim to the insurer, replacing the client. The next step is visual inspection and preparation of the necessary documentation along with the cost estimate. We make repairs using only original spare parts. All necessary repairs and replacement of parts are performed in accordance with the art in cooperation with the insurer.

We make every effort to ensure that the customer does not incur additional costs or fees. Importantly - we make repairs regardless of the age of the vehicle - from the simplest to the most complex (replacement of walls, roofs, floors, etc.). We represent the client's interests at every stage of the claim handling process. After the repair, we carry out an inspection of the installation and tightness of the body, restore full functionality of the vehicle, taking care to preserve the value of the vehicle, but most of all for the safety of the user. On request, we can deliver the vehicle to the address indicated in Poland.

Is it possible to determine the approximate time of the loss adjustment? What about the warranty?


Unfortunately, it is impossible to define a time frame. Everything depends primarily on the availability and delivery of spare parts to us by the manufacturer. Of course, the degree of damage and the complexity of the repair also have a significant impact.

The formal side of the claim settlement itself does not affect the time of vehicle repair, because the work is carried out independently and regardless of the valuation of an expert representing the insurer, which is favorable or unfavorable for the client.

What should the owner of a motorhome or caravan remember about when there is an unpleasant surprise in the form of a collision or a random accident?


The liquidation of the damage is a nuisance in itself and may be associated with unnecessary nerves and a waste of time. I can definitely advise you to stay cool and entrust the liquidation to a professional company. First of all, we will avoid getting involved in formalities, potential conflict situations with the insurer, and above all - we will have a guarantee of professional repair . Recreational vehicles are items of considerable value and probably each of us would like to maintain this value as long as possible.

Specialists from ELCAMP RV in Krakow will be happy to help in any situation, regardless of the circumstances - failure, damage, collision, accident or other event.

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