The price of security - something to remember when traveling

The price of security - something to remember when traveling – main image

As careful observers of discussions and reports on popular social networking sites, we are increasingly moved by the increasing questions about travel safety and descriptions of unpleasant experiences. The emerging questions, doubts, as well as the accounts of eyewitnesses and victims (yes, let's not be afraid of this word) fill us with anxiety and cast a shadow over what our passion for traveling should be associated with.

It is obvious that trips to your dream places should not be associated with stress and uncertainty, but rather be associated with something uplifting and pleasant. In this material, we will try to summarize some facts and myths about potential dangers and we will try to provide some practical tips that may save you unnecessary trouble.

Europe not equally safe


In our considerations, we must make a certain reservation: when identifying potential threats, we should not always and exclusively rely on generalities. The worst-case scenario may come true both just beyond our western border and in the furthest corners of France or Portugal. Let's not let our common sense and vigilance fall to sleep.

Cases of robberies and burglaries statistically most often occur in France, Italy and Spain, but also in the Balkan countries. Unpleasant situations may have different course. Sometimes we may fall victim to a random thief taking advantage of the "opportunity" (or rather our inattention), other times we may be targeted for a long time and fall victim to an organized gang.

The scenarios of reported incidents are hair-raising. The most frequently repeated, nightmare vision of being put to sleep by gas was considered by many to be hypothetical and technically impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The editors are aware of cases of such attacks on sleepyheads. We personally know people who spent the night in a camper and suddenly woke up in the morning in the open air - without a camper or any luggage, only wearing what they slept in.

Detentions, robberies and frauds on the so-called "breakdown" - criminals first prepare a trace of an accident or a breakdown while stopping, and then, driving next to us, they indicate that something is wrong and order us to pull over to the side of the road or even follow them to a secluded place - for example, to the "left" workshop. There, an organized group demands payment for a fictitious repair or assistance. Regardless of the scenario, we can become easy prey, and we have heard a lot of stories of this type from victims over the years.

How to avoid misfortune

The key, as mentioned above, is vigilance. There are a few basic rules that, if not eliminate them, will certainly reduce the risk. Regardless of the country and region, avoid overnight stays in unguarded parking lots along main routes/highways and in isolated places outside crowds. Many available applications and online guides provide tips on proven places to stay - if you are going to spend the night in the wild, rely on the experiences of others!

Blazing trails and exploring new places is not always the best idea in high-risk regions. We all know that your new camper is fully autonomous and that you do not need campsites and organized accommodation. And also that you don't have a camper to pay to stand on concrete in a commercial parking lot among other campers. And we understand this argument - after all, we read such opinions under every post about "organized" parking and recreation areas. However, in some circumstances it is not worth trying to be a hero. It's hard to put a price on the peace and security of your family, and I think we agree on that.

Technical measures


An extremely important aspect is the preparation of mechanical and warning security systems. According to many, the best warning against impending danger is a dog on board - and according to our interlocutors, a dog's instinct and vigilance cannot be overestimated. People traveling without pets must rely on other security measures - electronic alarms with motion sensors, reed switches on doors and windows, as well as alarms with gas sensors (asleep and propane). We describe our experience with a dedicated system for recreational vehicles here: Thitronik - the most advanced camper alarm .

Please remember that the factory security measures in our campers and trailers will often not be sufficient to protect us against burglary or will make it much more difficult. From user reports, for example, it seems very simple for thieves to open the driver's and passenger's doors in Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit base vehicles. The solution to these weak points may be additional locks available, for example, from one of our partners:

Due to the different standards used in the doors of caravan structures, there is also potential to improve safety in most campers and trailers. Accessory, external locks can help with this:

Remember that thieves may also fall prey to the trailer, the contents of the external luggage compartment or valuable bicycles transported on the rack. These elements should also be connected to the alarm system and/or additionally secured mechanically. There are no roadblocks or insurmountable obstacles - we all realize that. However, we must try to discourage or make the work of amateurs of other people's property as difficult as possible.

What are your experiences?

Perhaps you have never experienced even a hint of anxiety and have never encountered any unpleasant situation. If so, all that remains is to be happy. However, if you have your own proven methods to avoid undesirable and questionable "attractions", be sure to share your knowledge with us on our website! What works? What is not working? What should you bear in mind if you want to safely go on a long journey? Especially new caravanning beginners will be grateful for sharing your valuable knowledge.

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