Thetford Porta Potti - feel like you're on a throne!

Thetford Porta Potti - feel like you're on a throne! – main image

There are several groundbreaking inventions in the history of caravanning. At the very top of this list, we must objectively place the tourist toilet. After all, ensuring civilized and hygienic conditions for matters of absolutely existential importance is a fundamental issue. It is difficult to imagine a motorhome or caravan today without this convenience. Over the years, the design and functionality of the range of mobile toilets has undergone a major facelift and evolution, only… its intended use has not changed.

Especially in the era of fashion for small campervans without space for a bathroom, or among users of family cars, which only in summer become expedition vehicles, compact, portable toilet models that can be hidden in a recess, under the seat or in the trunk are extremely popular. Also caravanning purists, who prefer these "topics" to be dealt with in the vestibule, not in the caravan, use this type of solution.

Thetford has been the undisputed leader in terms of the offer and sales volume for many years - a company that in many respects has become a reference point for the entire industry. In addition to solutions dedicated to the bodywork of factory campers and caravans, the brand offers as many as 5 models of portable toilets, well known to all fans of caravanning under the name "porta potti". You can find the full range here:

The capacities of individual variants range from 10 to even 21 liters, and the flush reservoir can accommodate between 10 and 15 liters. A bellows pump, piston pump, or even an electric one can be responsible for flushing. The equipment includes system fasteners, plates, and even indicators of the filling level of the cistern. The design, regardless of the version, is modernly attractive, and the materials from which the product is made do not cause problems with keeping clean.

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 - a compact bestseller

Regardless of whether you are going on a cruise on a sailboat / motorboat or in your compact van converted into a motorhome, you intend to travel across Scandinavia - there is a model that combines all the advantages of portable toilets without ruining your holiday budget. Model 165, because we are talking about it, confirms that even a mobile toilet can be pretty. In addition to attractive design and compact dimensions (414/383 / 427mm, weight 3.9 kg), it will provide us with independence for several days. The faeces tank can hold up to 21 liters, and the flush tank can hold 15 liters.

The design is ergonomic and "life-like" - a special lock allows you to separate the lower part from the upper part, so that you can conveniently transport water for flushing without the need to use external tanks. The seat height is 408 mm, which makes the "throne" suitable for children and adults. A dedicated button is used to empty the waste container. The flushing system is operated by a bellows pump.

Details regarding price and availability:

Accessories - choose proven solutions

Day-to-day operation of a mobile toilet requires the use of specific accessories that allow you to fully use the potential and enjoy trouble-free operation of the product. What should you remember about?
- in order to empty the toilet as efficiently as possible and avoid the formation of problematic deposits, it is worth equipping yourself with absorbent and efficient, but also easily dissolving paper, available in multi-packs. Anyone who has had such paper on board will not return to traditional home solutions.

- especially during longer trips and on warm days, the toilet tank can give off a smell that is far from pleasant - remember that the right combination of flushing liquids and faeces will eliminate the problem:

Thetford Porta Potti - feel like you're on a throne! – image 1

- cleaning and disinfection with household chlorine-based agents may be dangerous to gaskets and plastic components, significantly reducing their durability. Therefore, it is recommended to take into account the design and materials used:

- as with any caravanning product, the key to durability will be care and regular service - assuming appropriate measures, maintenance will be really easy:

Thetford Porta Potti - feel like you're on a throne! – image 1
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