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Passion, to which we devote a lot of our time and money, has an important place in our lives. Also, caravanning is no exception to this rule - it is one of the most demanding hobbies and ways of spending free time. As we have already mentioned several times - amateurs of active rest have two options to pursue their interests.

The easiest way to spend your vacation with a motorhome or caravan is to rent equipment . There are companies all over Poland that specialize in renting mobile holiday homes. All you need to do is make an appointment, choose the right model and settle the bill . The second option is to buy your own equipment - new or used. When choosing this option, we must take into account the service expenses that may await us. Years of use, or even a temporary inattention of users, may damage the upholstery . Of course, in such a situation, we can commission a repair to a specialist or try our hand .

Upholstery replacement

After years of intensive use , the upholstery naturally wears out - local abrasions of the material appear. There are tailor-made covers available on the accessories market, tailored to a specific model or version of a motorhome / caravan. In this case, we will carry out the entire operation ourselves without much difficulty. The removal of old covers is only a few minutes' start of work . Next, we must proceed carefully so as not to damage the new covers, mattresses or pillows . If we do not get ready-made covers for our equipment, we can have them sewn . After 2-5 days, they will be ready to be set up ( the cost of such a service depends on the complexity and size of the project ).

Tears and tears

During the holiday forgetfulness, it is quite easy to damage the upholstery . A few centimeter tear in the fabric or burning a hole does not have to mean that the cover is replaced with a new one. Of course, when starting the repair with our own expense, we must be aware that the seam or patch will be visible . Fortunately, this is not a big problem - we can turn the mattress / pillow inside out , thus hiding the unsightly fragment. An alternative for several dozen minutes of own work is the upholsterer's service . Collecting several dozen zlotys for repairing the damage, he will do his job perfectly.

Stains and loss of color

Dust, spilled tea and coffee, greasy marks - just normal souvenirs inside a motorhome or caravan after a holiday trip (not only with children). There are many preparations for self-use on the market. The problem, however, is that a moment of inattention is enough to make the situation worse. A specialist for comprehensive washing of upholstery with appropriate detergents will collect PLN 300-500, depending on the dimensions of the interior.

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