Winter tires very much required

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Caravanning has been the most popular in Europe for many years, especially in the Scandinavian countries, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain. Therefore, due to frequent and heavy snowfall, it is important to prepare your car or trailer for driving in difficult conditions during a winter trip. One of such elements is the replacement of summer tires with winter ones. The right choice of tires ensures a safe journey in even the most extreme weather conditions, including snowstorm and slippery surfaces.

I do not think you need to convince anyone how great benefits are the installation of tires that are adequate for the weather. First of all, the car is easier to drive and the braking distance is significantly shortened, without the risk of skidding, of course with balanced driving. We wrote about the country in which tires have to be changed HERE .

Option one: used winter tires

Replacing tires with winter tires can be carried out in two variants: in the first one, we put on used tires (from the previous season) or buy new ones. If we use used winter tires, which have been waiting for us all spring and summer, then before putting them on, check their condition, for example: if they are cracked, if there are any bulges and other disturbing changes. We also check whether the tires contain all kinds of foreign bodies, e.g. stones - if they are, they should be removed. The tread height is another very important thing, because it cannot be too low. Tire parameters are usually specified by the manufacturer, therefore, if the tread height tested by us differs from the optimal one, the tires can only be replaced. For the sake of good condition of winter tires, we must remember about the appropriate conditions in which they are stored during the summer months - tires must be hidden (preferably in a dark and cool room) or covered so that they do not reach them with sun rays, which have damaging effects on them. influence.

Option two: purchase of new winter tires

When buying new winter tires, it is worth consulting specialists. There are two types of winter tires: one is designed for journeys below 7 ° C and the other for slightly milder conditions. It is true that it is not a cheap expense, but extremely necessary, and even obligatory, taking into account the law of some European countries . However, good quality tires stored in favorable conditions can serve us even for several years (they are used only 3-4 months a year). Certainly it is an investment that turns out to be invaluable for the sake of our health or life.

One more important rule: as soon as the temperature rises and the overall warming occurs, winter tires should be removed , because at higher temperatures they wear out very quickly.

What should you pay attention to when choosing winter tires for your motorhome or caravan ? First of all, the load index . Too low load capacity can have dire consequences - tires can burst unexpectedly while driving. In addition, we choose tires marked with the letter C , which is suitable for vans, for the motorhome. You can also use tires marked with XL , which are tires for ordinary cars but are more reinforced. However, it all depends on the recommendations of the motorhome or caravan manufacturer. You can read more about motorhome tires HERE .

It is also worth equipping yourself with winter chains , especially if you travel to alpine countries where they are required.


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