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When we were planning a one-week vacation in 2013, our travel life changed completely, because new family members appeared in the world, two little daughters. The temptation was greater than common sense, besides, we successfully seasoned the girls at rallies, and so 2-month-old and 5-month-old babies were packed for holidays. We took two cars along the route: Slovakia - Hungary. The plan was simple, get as far as the girls would go. We planned the first longer stop in Trencin , at a campsite on an island. The location was very inviting - an island on the Vah River overlooking the castle. Picturesque? The idyll ended there, so we only stayed one night, which the gentlemen successfully used for beer tasting at the bar on the campsite. The next day we left quite late, because we were hoping that the beer percentages would evaporate, but we had to use a ruse with the driver-passenger exchange. We drove a few dozen kilometers very calmly, and then a metallic noise began to be heard from the bus. Sometimes downhill, sometimes in gear, sometimes in slack. It irritated our nerves, what's worse, we couldn't drive like this without fear of a serious breakdown. People were a bit surprised when for a moment one of the boys was running with his head against the left rear wheel, because it was from this part of the bus that the noise was coming. We decided to make a stop at a gas station to see what was causing the fuss. A dream-stop place - a station, and right next to a restaurant - the girls go to the restaurant with the kids, and the boys remove the breakdown. The joy was short-lived, because it turned out to be a brothel, not a restaurant. So the girls in the Ford were sipping cold drinks, hornets were flying nearby, and the boys were banging the wheels with a hammer. After a few hours, the decision was made - we are going to the campsite, where you will be able to look into the wheel and wait for meals from Poland if necessary. We got to Zvolen in Slovakia, well here the commune left its mark on campsites, we haven't seen such toilets for a long time. Spooky alleyways made of tin tilts, dimly lit, scary, only a few people on the campsite, scary. We have not even unpacked, hopefully remove the defect as soon as possible and move on. A few phone calls to friends, confirmation of the theory - this is a joint, a conclusion - you can go on, but it will get louder and unpleasant. In order to loosen up, in the evening we decided to make a summer cinema, we got into our sleeping bags, because the nights were already cold, and we enjoyed the Oscar-winning production Public Enemy, a strange choice for a holiday evening, so we dispersed imperceptibly to the cars. In the morning, the gentlemen tightened the bearing and we go further to Eger (the big city is our destination, the campsite was supposed to be nice, there is no point in sitting on the one that the creators of cheap horror movies demand) there we will find a shop or a mechanic. On the way, we noticed a car parts store, we stop, the seller directs us to the mechanic next door, and there a very nice Hungarian - the owner of the plant looks under the bus, confirms that it is a joint, writes the name of the part in Hungarian and the name of the store on a piece of paper. Eger and where you can order a part. We arrive at Szarvaskő , this is where our destination campsite is supposed to be, discouraged by the previous two, we cross a beautiful wooden bridge, decorated with wooden flower pots, we jostle with a slurry tanker and suddenly enter the campsite with hedge boxes, a beautiful toilet building, a shelter and a summer kitchen , a climbing wall, fire places, a lake, a waterfall, a playground and a hotel. Several cars from Poland, Belgium and Hungary on the field. Phew. it's good, it's clean and very nice. apart from a bit of a pain in the road close to the campsite is great. From here we make bus trips to Eger , Belapatfalva , Szilvásvárad . We especially recommend the cable car route in Szilvásvárad , it is worth going up to the upper station to the waterfalls and returning on foot along beautiful paths. Here, in the parking lot, we eat a greasy, savory donut, i.e. a langosz, whoever has not tried should regret it, although the liver will forgive him for it, because it is a real caloric bomb. In Belapatfalva , we admire the monastery, we buy a tablecloth from a very nice Hungarian woman who embellishes on linen materials on the spot. We come back from the trip from Eger with vegetables and meat and in the evening we make a real stew over the fire for our new friends from Poland and Belgium. We find a pot of the right size in the camping kitchen, light a fire in the fireplace and spend a lovely evening with a couple of Poles and Belgians. In the meantime, the guys are repairing the bus. It's been so nice for us a few days, on Friday we are packing, because on Saturday some of the team are called by their duties. The other three stay in Hungary for a few more days, but they move closer to Budapest to Papa , where there is a nice campsite and thermal pools next to it - here is half of Germany, the other probably in Hajduszoboszlo. We will catch the Hungarian Baja Rally 2013, where Krzysztof Hołowczyc and pilot Andreas Schulz took 2nd place, and we are soaking our daughter in warm waters. When traveling with such a little man, other things are important, such as a separate room for a child with a bathtub and changing table, clean toilets and a quiet campsite, and it was all there in both camps - in Hungary, in Slovakia, unfortunately not anymore. We liked it in Hungary, although we visited much less than usual, but we mastered traveling by buses in a foreign country with prams, bags, cameras and other shelters, and we did not lose anything. In 2014, we are planning a much longer route and a much longer vacation.

VW T3 Silesia

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