Ujazd - Sandomierz

Ujazd - Sandomierz – main image

In addition to longer trips, maybe a one-day offer: Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd and Sandomierz. The idea for a day trip in November, the weather was good, so you can go outside the city. You can find out about the castle on the official website.

However, I will share my impressions and photos from the trip.

The castle welcomes us with cannons, but only one is directed towards us.

Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 1 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 2 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 3 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 4 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 5Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 6 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 7 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 8
It is not far from Ujazd to Sandomierz, where we can visit the castle, the Cathedral, the market square with the Town Hall, the underground tourist route ... If time permits - go on a boat trip on the Vistula River.

Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 9 Ujazd - Sandomierz – image 10 We can visit these two places in one day. You can also extend the route with several attractions that are located in the area.


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