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The Netherlands is associated with tulips, windmills and cheeses. Its capital is bustling Amsterdam, known as the Venice of the North. Consider camping in the Netherlands if you love fun and multicultural resorts. Caravanning fans will be enchanted by the views and the offer that the recreational facilities have prepared for them. They can visit the Netherlands at any time of the year, although they will be particularly delighted with the spring version of this picturesque country.

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You feel like visiting the Netherlands, which is famous for its windmills, tulips and the nicest residents of the world? Plan your holiday at the campsite with us and visit the most important places on the map of this country. Enjoy the fun holiday with family and friends.

Meeting Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many faces – on one hand it’s famous for its red light district, which attracts masses of tourists, who want to see what this place really hides. On the other hand it attracts people curious of what coffeeshops have to offer. But this city is not only the cluster of various forms of entertainment, but also the cultural capital of the Netherlands. Here you can visit museums of fine arts or other cultural places. If you choose the camping in Netherlands near Amsterdam, make sure to equip yourself with a bike! Discover hundreds of paths and bridges.

Other cities - different image

Apart from Amsterdam, other known locations on the map of the Netherlands include Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Plan a visit to the city of miniatures, which captures the entire Netherlands and its main attractions such as the tulip fields. You should also see Maastricht, in which you will fall in love at first sight! Look for the campsites for families in the vicinity of these cities.

As you can see, the Netherlands is a very diverse country. Both lovers of nature, as well as those looking for some entertainment will find something suitable. Let us help you to find the perfect camping place in the Netherlands and make this holidays an unforgettable experience!

What is the Netherlands famous for?

With the slogan "Holland", crowds of people come to mind with fields sown with tulips and historic windmills. Other associations are colorful towns and cheeses loved by gourmets. Next - sewers, barges and ... clogs. Of course, two-wheelers, which we will meet particularly often in the Dutch capital, cannot be ignored. We can say that Amsterdam is standing on a bicycle or even bicycles. Driving here on two wheels is extremely pleasant. There are many paths, and they are well prepared for that. If you're camping in the Netherlands and you love cycling, we highly recommend Amsterdam.

When you stay in a territory most of which is below sea level, you will not only taste cheeses. And here it is worth stopping for a moment. The Netherlands or the Netherlands - how should we speak? The official name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The very word Netherlands means "low countries", which is easily explained by the location of the country. Nevertheless, the term Netherlands may still be used. Coming back to the topic of cuisine, this is where Gouda and Edam cheese come from. Here, cheese fairs are held, the most popular of which - in the cities of Hoorn and Alkmaar. Camping in the Netherlands is a choice for all kinds of herring, cod or seafood. Lovers of sweets also come here, including wafers with syrup (stroopwafel).

Netherlands in a motorhome

The Netherlands is a great destination for caravanning fans. The Dutch love recreation in the bosom of nature and enjoy it. There are plenty of campsites in every region of the country, both intimate campsites and modern, extensive complexes. You can choose a campsite in Amsterdam or nearby, stay near The Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht. If you prefer places outside of large resorts, villages among hills, dunes or fields await you.

The Dutch landscapes touch the heart, but wild camping enthusiasts may be disappointed. It is not allowed to stop with a motorhome or pitch a tent everywhere. Fortunately, campsites in South Holland, North Holland, Brabant and Zealand provide plenty of amenities for guests. You will not regret not having complete freedom of residence in this country.

Campsites in the Netherlands

What is worth bringing from a holiday in the Netherlands? Apart from the famous cheeses, chocolate and wafers, take sweets with licorice, cocoa, mayonnaise and sauces. Classic clogs, Jenever gin or ... multicolored tulip bulbs can also be a souvenir or gift for loved ones. If you love flowers, book a campsite in North Holland. Lovers of picturesque villages and castles will love Limburg, while lovers of walks along the sea - Friesland. And even after the bottom. At low tide, temporary shoals are created there that can be walked on.

We encourage you to get to know the attractions of the Netherlands!


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