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The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden or Delft? Which cities in South Holland are you planning to visit during your holiday? There are so many attractions in the most populated region that you will certainly not have time to see them all. Don't delay your arrival!

In the western part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, along the North Sea coast, there is an area of extraordinary beauty. It is worth coming here with a camper at least once. However, we are sure that you will come back for your next holidays. Not only because you didn't have time to see every attraction.

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Campsites in South Holland

If you want to explore the region in a house on wheels, you will have no problem finding accommodation. You will find it both in The Hague and Rotterdam, as well as in smaller cities. Therefore, you can easily reach important points on the tourist map of the country. The parliament, government and Court of Justice are seated in The Hague itself. The royal family also lives here.

Attractions in South Holland

Go not only to The Hague or Rotterdam, but stop at the Vliet River along the way. Delft lies above it, famous for its blue and white pottery. Rembrandt's city, Leiden, is also waiting to be explored. See the open-air museum in Arnhem and Amersfoort, located approximately 23 km from Utrecht. We encourage you to travel!

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