Netherlands North Brabant

Are you going to the Netherlands? Consider coming to North Brabant, the country's second largest province. Get to know Efteling and admire the wonderful nature. You will see a sea of greenery, beautiful heathlands and vast forests.

The Netherlands has many interesting places waiting for tourists. The attractions of s-Hertogenbosch, as well as the Efteling amusement park located near Tilburg, are of great interest. What else is worth seeing on holiday in North Brabant?

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We're going to Den Bosch!

The capital of the region is Den Bosch (officially s-Hertogenbosch). We recommend visiting it during your trip, as it has interesting architecture. If you have more time, see how efficiently you can get around the city by bike.

The main attractions include the oldest brick building in the Netherlands - Moriaan. The citadel and the Cathedral of St. are also interesting. John, the largest Catholic temple in the country.

Brabant events

The region likes to have fun. Many events take place there, including a bicycle and horse race. The people of Brabant celebrate Carnival, which starts on November 11. In August you can take part in Brabant Day, and in September you will see the world's largest dahlia parade. And this is just a fraction of the events!

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