Netherlands Drenthe

Would you like to see the Netherlands from a slightly different perspective? If so, go to the north-eastern part of the country, to the province of Drenthe. Get to know the capital of the region, Assen, and its largest city, Emmen.

The Dutch region of Drenthe is one of the least populated parts of the country. It has its good and bad sides, the greatest advantage of which is close contact with nature. Come with a camper and you will be amazed by beautiful wide-bed rivers, lakes and forests. We encourage you to spend your holidays here.

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What's hidden in Drenthe?

Today it is sparsely populated, but in prehistoric times Drenthe was one of the most densely populated areas of the Netherlands. The remains indicating this attract monument lovers like a magnet. In the region there are over 50 so-called dolmens (hunebedden). According to researchers, the buildings were built around 3500 BC. Plan a trip to the Drents Museum to see artifacts from the region. It would also be a good idea to visit the Orvelte open-air museum.

By camper to Drenthe in the Netherlands

In addition to artifacts from before our era, tourists can visit, among others: zoo in Emmen and attractions in Assen. The capital is famous for the annual TT Assen motorcycle race. Moreover, the landscapes of Drenthe tempt you to come with a camper. Pack your bikes in the trunk and spend an active holiday in the bosom of nature.

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