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Adria has already accustomed us to high-quality products and has gained recognition and reputation on the market. Their caravans over the years were correct, neatly assembled and durable, but at first meeting they did not stand out from the crowd (just such "Volkswagen" of the caravanning world) ...

The takeover of the brand by the Trigano concern was accompanied by a kind of revolution in terms of design and technical solutions. Of course, the "pampering" of the model lines began with the flagship models. The phenomenal Astella made an electrifying impression on customers and experts from all over the world. Less than 2 seasons later, many of the visual fireworks were implemented in the best-selling Adora series. It is these caravans that we will devote the most attention to today.

A masterpiece of design in 15 scenes


The range includes 15 different systems - all with impeccable external appearance. The eye of every caravanning fan will enjoy the phenomenal rear with a muscular bumper and ultra-modern, beautifully integrated LED lighting.

The streamlined shape of the front with aerodynamic maneuvering handles "molded" into the body of the caravan, a huge panoramic window reaching the roof and constituting an integral part of the front "cap" and wheels on aluminum rims are additional advantages. Double, perfectly insulating the inside of the glass is standard, as are the wide, glazed doors.

In total, Adora provides space for 4-7 people. The interior is bright, practical and with a large selection of different configurations, it can be tailored to fit. The lengths range from 539 cm (total with the drawbar 675 cm) to 818 cm (total 953 cm), and widths from 230 to 246 cm.

Also, fans of narrower sets will find something for themselves here. The permissible total weight of the lightest model is 1700 kg, and the largest model will require quite a tug - 2500 kg is a piece of a trailer.

The inside height is 195 cm - slightly less than the models for the Scandinavian markets, but still enough for most globetrotters from our latitudes. The total height of the trailer is 260 cm. Due to the constructional care for aerodynamics, the resistance of the set has been reduced to a minimum.

The proven high-quality AL-KO chassis with standard AKS shock absorbers and attachments is a guarantee of safety. Optionally, it is possible to order the electronic assistance system ATC (Trailer Control), which stabilizes the track in dangerous situations.

Luxury as in the premium class

Although the Adora series is in the mid-price range, over the last 3 years many solutions have already appeared here from more expensive models. The design flavors from the outside, discussed at the beginning, are one aspect.

Inside, however, also many comfortable surprises await us. In addition to the already mentioned skylight window, which perfectly illuminates the interior, we have an easily foldable bed in the living room, high-class kitchen equipment and many possible bathroom configurations, all of which include a toilet and folding washbasins. Few manufacturers have so many variants with a practical, separate shower cubicle (572UT, 573PT , 613HT, 613UT, 673PK, 753UK).


Of course, due to the enormous variety, it is impossible to discuss the features of each model in detail here, hence we focus on common features. Particularly noteworthy are the mega-comfortable EVAPORE mattresses and really thoughtful lighting. In all conditions, we are able to obtain a lighting scene appropriate to the situation. From a romantic evening for two, through romantic lighting for reading by the bed, to an illuminated interior for social meetings and children's madness. The possibility of charging mobile devices has not been forgotten.


Rest and relaxation will be made more pleasant by the audio system with hidden speakers and dedicated controls. Technology fans will surely be interested in Adria's proprietary solutions for remote management of on-board functions. With the help of the Mach / Mach Plus application and a smartphone, we not only gain remote access to a tool that allows you to monitor the status of the water tank, energy status or temperature, but we can control e.g. heating or lighting without having to approach the control panel above the entrance each time.

In the interior, we have a choice of 5 possible color configurations of the upholstery, from pink, through two shades of gray and beige, to light leather. The available accessory packs of colored pillows and inserts can additionally diversify the center. In combination with bright furniture fronts, the whole looks very modern and timelessly attractive.

Caravanning in all conditions

Adora is a model series that can be configured 100% according to the needs - from a mobile summer residence to a base for skiing madness. We can choose from Truma heating (supply - standard) or ALDE (water - option). Additionally, you can order comfortable underfloor heating.

The construction of the walls is solid and the insulation allows for use all year round. The technology called Comprex is based on the following assumptions: the core of the walls is made of EPS polystyrene, due to the unique features related to stiffness and torsion resistance, the structure is made of hard wood, and polyurethane sealing and an outer shell made of a laminate of resins complete the picture. On the other hand, the floor has a laminate layer on the underside, and on it, in sandwich technology, XPS foam with wooden ribbing is used. The manufacturer's warranty for tightness, assuming regular inspections, is 7 years.

Adria = "sure thing"

There are few in the aftermarket as sought after caravan brands as Adria. Such popularity and trust had to be earned well without a doubt. The reputation built on proven durability and reliability of solutions is fully justified. They are simply solid trailers that will last for years.

In terms of design, the brand moves with the times, ahead of the competition in many technical aspects. If you are looking for a new caravan and you cannot find yourself in the maze of brands and models, a closer look at Adora can make the decision-making process much easier. You will most likely fall in love with what it has to offer. And she would love it back. After all, Adora in Portuguese means "I love you" and it is really difficult to pass these beauties indifferently without losing your head at the first meeting.

The authorized dealers and service centers of the Adria brand in Poland are the Elcamp RV group from Krakow and the Warsaw Caravanning Center .

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