Motorhome Ranger R530 - Ford Transit Custom with potential

Kamper Randger R530 © Transa-M

Randger is a brand that has taken the Polish camper market by storm in the last two years. Even managers of demanding camper rental companies like this brand's cars.

The success was certainly influenced by several factors - the use of Ford as a base (low excise tax), many well-thought-out solutions in the field of construction and an excellent value for money. The Randger range includes both smaller models based on the popular Transit Custom, as well as traditional, large "tin" cars - also with a 4x4 drive (we wrote about it earlier in the article: RANDGER 560 - 4x4 camper based on Ford ).

Today we will take a look at a small proposition based on the Custom - the Randger R530 is an incredibly versatile vehicle with a number of features that cannot be found in competitors of this size.

A small tin for everyday use... with a bathroom!

Measuring 534 cm in length, 199 cm in width and 209 cm in height, the camper is designed for 5 passengers and also has seats with seat belts. The modular seat system with the Isofix system will ensure the safety of our little ones.

The sofa can be easily unfolded to create a 2-person bed with dimensions of 1877x1140 mm. It can also be moved and is also removable.

The extra bed in the lifting roof measures 200x116 cm. This means that up to four crew members can sleep on board if necessary.

It is worth emphasizing that the raised roof has a significant impact on the comfort of use during the day. We can comfortably use the amenities (for a compact space).

Cooking a meal will not be a problem - the standard feature is a two-burner gas stove with a piezoelectric igniter.

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The functionality is complemented by a Dometic compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 41 liters and a steel sink.

The gas source is a cylinder with a capacity of 2.7 kg (standard) or larger - this means that we are not stuck with the system cartridges we know from compact, typical tourist stoves.

At the back of the camper, the designers provided a fully functional bathroom equipped with a Thetford C223 toilet, a washbasin and a shower cabin - the entire sanitary module is separated from the living space by a sliding, slatted door. Interestingly, there is also an external shower connected at the back.

The capacity of the tanks is impressive - 70 liters of clean water and 35 liters of gray water is a great result in this class of vehicles. It should be emphasized that - which is also not an everyday solution in a tin of this size - the water installation is equipped with a pressure pump, not a submersible one.

Visually, the interior looks attractive - white fronts, gray countertops and floors, and dark upholstery reflect the latest trends and invite you to use them.

Comfort also in winter

Truma Combi Diesel heating is the perfect solution to ensure thermal comfort in all conditions. Of course, in addition to the heat inside the vehicle, the system will also heat the water thanks to the integrated boiler.

Speaking of vehicle heating and insulation, it is worth paying attention to several design aspects - there is a sandwich floor, and the body insulating materials include glass wool, polystyrene and aluminum screens.

Special window curtains with thermal insulating properties decorate and protect the windows both at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle.

Lively engine and large load capacity

The R530 fits perfectly into the fashion for compact and universal camping vehicles for everyday use - it can handle both urban traffic and routes to holiday destinations without any problems.

A drive unit with a power of 130 or 170 horsepower (with an optional automatic transmission) and a curb weight of just over 2,600 kg (with a GVM of 3,200 kg) are quite "life-like" parameters in terms of dynamics and load capacity, which many larger cars would be proud of. camper.

Prices of the R530 model start from PLN 295,000 (gross), and the official representative is Transa-M from Pszczyna.

Campers and caravans for sale from Transa-M

The current offer of campers and caravans intended for sale by Transa-M can be found in the company's profile in our dealer database under the link: Transa-M – dealer .


Kamper Randger R530 © Transa-M
Kamper Randger R530 © Transa-M
Kamper Randger R530 © Transa-M
Kamper Randger R530 © Transa-M
This article was prepared in cooperation with Transa-M
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