The best campsites on European lakes

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Are you lacking inspiration when planning a holiday trip ? A good idea may be a trip to one of the numerous European lakes. The choice is really rich, and when visiting you don't have to limit yourself to one place.

Campsite in Slovakia


The sightseeing itself can start just outside the border, on the Slovak side of the Tatra Mountains. There, at an altitude of 1,346 m above sea level, there is one of the most beautiful lakes in Slovakia - Lake Štrbské Pleso. There are many hotels and recreation centers in the area, and there is also a ski jump nearby, where competitions are still held today. Unfortunately, swimming in or on the lake is prohibited, even though there is a boat dock. However, the beauty of the landscape alone is worth stopping here.

When it comes to camping, Slovakia has several to offer in this region. One popular campsite is "Tatranec Camping", which offers various types of pitches, including places for tents and caravans. It is an ideal place for mountain hikers, with beautiful trails around the lake.

Camping on lakes in Switzerland and France

The wonderful lakes of Europe

Being in Switzerland, we will probably visit Lake Geneva . It is one of the largest lakes in Europe - it covers an area of 581 square kilometers. Territorially, it belongs to both Switzerland and France. The Swiss themselves say that it is the bluest of all lakes in the country. One of the area's attractions is the majestic Chillon Castle. It is located on the Swiss shore of the lake, at its eastern end. Lovers of wine and local delicacies should especially like this place. There are numerous vineyards on this side of the lake. It is also worth finding out whether it is possible to arrive at the vineyard by camper . However, if you are interested in camping, Switzerland has a huge selection of them.

You will find many campsites and camping sites in this region. One of the popular campsites on Lake Geneva is "Camping La Pinede", located in a picturesque forest setting and close to the lake. It offers various types of camping pitches, from traditional tent sites to camper sites. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of nature and the good facilities of the campsite.

If someone likes the more French side of the lake, they will probably also be interested in Lake Annecy . It is located in the Rhone basin, in the heart of the Savoy Alps, and is approximately 92 km from Lake Geneva. It is the second largest French reservoir, and its main advantages include cleanliness - it is considered one of the cleanest on the entire European continent. Tourists come here from all countries. They relax, tempted by the beauty of the area and the possibility of practicing various water sports . Another great attraction of the region is the town of Annecy, called Alpine Venice due to its similarity to the Italian city (there are many canals and bridges here). A town full of pastel colors will surely appeal to couples in love.

Lake Bled in Slovenia: a paradise for nature lovers

Camping Bled in Slovenia on Lake Bled

If you want to extend your trip to a magical point on the map of Europe, be sure to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia. It is a picturesque lake surrounded by high mountains, in the middle of which there is a charming island with a church.

Camping Bled is an ideal campsite that is located close to the lake and offers a wide selection of camping pitches. It is a perfect place for lovers of hiking, kayaking and swimming in the lake. When visiting Lake Bled, don't forget to visit the famous island in the middle of the lake, which can be reached in several ways: by traditional wooden boats, by SUP or kayak, or even by swimming!

Campsites on Italian lakes

The wonderful lakes of Europe

When we go to the south of Europe, to Italy, we should definitely go to the largest and cleanest natural water reservoir in the country - Lake Garda . It is located between Milan and Venice, close to the Trento Alps and Adamello. Lake Garda is extremely popular among tourists, which is clearly visible in the number of coastal resorts and hotels. Many visitors to these areas are attracted by the mild climate of the area, the cleanliness of the beaches and the lushness of the Mediterranean vegetation . Olives, cypresses and palm trees grow here, as well as oleanders and intensely scented cedars. The abundance of fish living in the lake is also impressive - there are carps, pikes, eels, bleaks and many other species. There are numerous small islands on the lake, including 5 larger ones. The most famous is Isola del Garda , and on its southern side there is Isola San Biagio - Rabbit Island.

Lake Garda is undoubtedly a paradise for cyclists. There are both simple trails and competitive MTB routes here. More avid cyclists can go on a fascinating bicycle trip around the lake.

Campsites on Lake Garda

The accommodation base in this region is very extensive. Tourists planning a holiday at the lake can choose from luxurious campsites. However, Lake Garda also has intimate, family-friendly, but well-equipped campsites on its shore.

One of the large family parks is the Bella Italia campsite, a family campsite located directly on Lake Garda. It has its own beach exclusively for guests, a water park with winding slides, and tourists staying there are provided with various types of animation. It is an ideal place for sports enthusiasts - they can play tennis, basketball and volleyball, swim, practice water gymnastics, windsurfing and kayaking. Those interested can try their hand at archery.

Another large facility in the south of Garda is the Piani di Clodia camping site.

Camping Piani di Clodia

Campsites on Lago di Maggiore

Another lake, Maggiore , is a tourist attraction in both Italy and Switzerland. This is a famous glacial lake, on the shores of which there are many spa towns. There are a number of islands on the lake itself. The most popular are the Borromean Islands, especially Isola Bella. There are gardens created in the name of the love of the 17th-century prince Carlo III Borromeo for his wife Isabella. The gardens cover the central part of the island, surrounding the Borromean palace with greenery.

The most popular campsite in this area is Camping Village Isolino . If you choose this campsite for your next vacation - remember to book early!

Campsites on Lake Como

Another Italian lake worth paying attention to is Como - one of the deepest reservoirs in Europe and the deepest lake in the Alps. Ferries run along it, so access to coastal towns is not a problem for tourists. The varied coastline is longer than the coastlines of the two previously mentioned lakes, which attracts crowds of beachgoers. There are many resorts on the shores of Como, and from June to September, kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts come here from all over Europe.

Cycling around Lake Como is no small feat. However, the beauty of this place almost compensates for all the difficulties associated with this unforgettable trip.

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