Discover the charms of Rovinj: the best campsites in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea

Discover the charms of Rovinj: the best campsites in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea – main image

Rovinj is a small but very charming town located in the northern part of Croatia. This incredibly beautiful town is often called the Croatian Venice. The unique atmosphere of the historic old town located close to the sea, as well as historic tenement houses and seaside boulevards attract more and more tourists to Rovinj.

Rovinj is considered one of the pearls of the Istrian Coast. In ancient times, the area was inhabited by the Illyrians, who were displaced by settlers of the Roman Empire . For many years, the town came under various rule - it was part of Byzantium, the Franconian Empire, and the Republic of Venice.

The best period, which lasted over 500 years and had the most positive impact on the city's development, was the rule of the Venetians . Rovinj was also part of the Austrian Empire, and after World War II it belonged to Yugoslavia. Currently it lies on the territory of Croatia.

Romantic and historic old town

The entire old town of Rovinj is surrounded by walls. The peninsula on which the stronghold was built was reinforced by the Venetians with a double fortification in the 15th century. Some of the fortifications have survived to this day and can be seen in the northern and southern parts of the city.


It is best to start your tour of Rovinj from the historic square of Marshal Tito. From here we can go to the most picturesque street of the town, which was marked out in the 18th century. Also from the main square we can get to Griźia Street , which is a street passage for artists' exhibitions, and at the same time leads to one of the most beautiful monuments of the city - the church of Sveta Eufemia (St. Euphemia). This baroque building dates back to the 18th century and houses a Roman sarcophagus, which is the tomb of Saint. Euphemia.

It is also worth visiting the highest cathedral bell tower in Istria (61 meters), which is modeled on the building of St. Mark in Venice. The oldest structure in Rovinj is the heptagonal baptistery from the 12th century, which is located outside the historic center of the city, at Trg Oslodode (Liberation Square).

South of Rovinj on Zlatni Rt (Punta Corrente) you can relax in a beautiful park with exotic plants and walking paths, which was founded in 1860.

Beaches and delicious dishes

The entire Rovinj region has a 67-kilometer coastline, which allows you to enjoy the charm of beautiful beaches and the sound of the Adriatic Sea . The city beach is concrete, but near Cape Zlatni there is a pebble beach located in a landscape park. Additionally, you can go on a boat and taxi trip to one of the nearby islands, e.g. St. Katarina and Crveni Otok .


When relaxing in Croatia, in addition to well-known European cuisine, we can also try regional specialties, e.g. Istrian smoked ham , the equivalent of Italian Parma ham, is worth recommending.

On the Rovinj peninsula, Mediterranean fish or seafood dishes are generally preferred, but you can also find Balkan cuisine - various types of meat cooked on the grill. When relaxing in Croatia, you should definitely try delicious red and white Croatian wine, as well as typical Croatian alcohol, such as rakija, media and slivovitz.

If you are interested in Croatian cuisine, see our article "5 dishes you must eat in Croatia" .

Val Saline campsite

Rovinj is a town with a well-developed hotel infrastructure. Tourists can also rent apartments, rooms in guesthouses and summer houses. However, if we like to relax in the bosom of nature, it is worth using the campsite covering an area of 11.70 ha Val Saline . This resort is surrounded by lush greenery and is located close to a 730-meter long pebble beach and the sea .

There are pitches for campers and tents at the campsite, as well as modern holiday cottages . There are approximately 300 plots of land ranging in size from 100 to 140 square meters for those relaxing. All camping sites have electricity, water and toilet connections.

Val Saline has a playground, mini golf, and animation activities for children. Additionally, lovers of active recreation can take advantage of the excursion program, swimming pool with a paddling pool for children, fitness room and gym. Dance school classes are also available.

Outdoor sports activities have been prepared for young people. The facilities include a beach volleyball court, table tennis, football pitch and bicycle rental . Guests staying at the campsite can also practice water sports, such as snorkeling, windsurfing and water skiing.


Val Saline has a restaurant serving fresh fish and seafood, a poolside bar, and a shop selling groceries , fresh home-made bread and its own baked goods. The center also has a currency exchange office and free Wi-Fi.

The Val Sal campsite has a convenient bus connection with Rovinj, which makes it easy to not only enjoy the charms of the comfortable resort, but also easily visit the city and the picturesque surroundings.

Camping Veštar - nature at your fingertips

Camping Vestar from the Maistra Camping network

If you are a lover of nature and peace,Camping Veštar is a place you will definitely like. This charming campsite is located in a picturesque setting, right on the Adriatic Sea. It offers a variety of accommodation options, including camper and tent pitches as well as comfortable holiday cottages. The camping sites are spacious and many of them are located close to the sea, allowing you to enjoy the view of the azure water. At Camping Veštar you will find modern amenities such as electricity, water and toilets.

This place is perfect for both families and people looking for peace and quiet. There is a playground for the youngest, and a variety of recreational and sports activities are available to all guests. You can also rent bikes to explore the area or rent water sports equipment. There is a restaurant serving Croatian and international cuisine and a grocery store on site. Camping Veštar is an ideal place for a holiday surrounded by nature and one of many lovely campsites in the Rovinj area.

Camping Amarin - relaxation with a view of the sea

Camping Amarin from the Maistra Camping network

Camping Amarin is an oasis of peace and relaxation on the coast of Rovinj. This campsite is located close to the sea and offers beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea. Guests can choose from camping pitches for campers and tents, as well as comfortable summer houses. All plots are equipped with electricity, water and toilets. What distinguishes Camping Amarin is its proximity to the sea and beaches. You can easily go swimming or sunbathing on the pebble beach.

You will find many attractions at the campsite. There is a playground for children, and adults can enjoy a variety of sports activities, such as tennis, beach volleyball and windsurfing. You can also use the swimming pool and the restaurant serving fresh Croatian cuisine. Camping Amarin is an ideal place for sea and nature lovers who want to spend their holidays in a comfortable environment.

Naturist Camp Valalta - A paradise for naturists

For lovers of naturism, FKK Naturist Camp Valalta is a unique place to relax. This campsite is one of the largest naturist complexes in the Rovinj area and offers an unforgettable experience for guests who want to combine closeness to nature with comfort. At Camping Valalta you will find pitches for campers, tents and holiday cottages, as well as a wonderful naturist beach.

This place is full of amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym, and restaurants serving Croatian and international cuisine. You can also rent a bike or try a variety of water sports such as windsurfing or snorkeling. For those who want to relax, Camping Valalta is the perfect place to enjoy a naturist holiday in picturesque surroundings.

Naturist Park Koversada - an oasis of naturism by the sea

Naturist Park Koversada

Naturist Park Koversada is another option for naturism lovers in the Rovinj area. This charming campsite is located on the Adriatic Sea and offers a unique experience surrounded by nature. Camping sites include pitches for campers, tents and cottages, as well as access to a naturist beach.

At Naturist Park Koversada you will find many attractions, including swimming pools, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and a variety of recreational activities. Restaurants serve Croatian and international cuisine, as well as bars and cafes. It is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature and the sea, where you can enjoy peace and the unique naturist lifestyle.

All these campsites are perfect places for a holiday in the Rovinj area, offering a variety of accommodation types and facilities for families and those looking to spend time in nature. For a full range of options, use the search engine on to find the perfect campsite that meets your needs.

Camping holidays in Rovinj

Rovinj is a city that will surely delight lovers of the charm of historical monuments, beautiful beaches and the nature of the Croatian Istrian Coast. By choosing here for your holiday, you will not only discover the charms of this city, but also find the perfect camping site that will meet your expectations. From Camping Veštar, through Camping Amarin, Camping Valalta, to Naturist Park Koversada - you have many accommodation options close to the sea.

If you are curious about other campsites in the Rovinj area, it is worth using our search engine at . You'll find many other lovely campsites in Croatia, offering a variety of accommodation types and amenities. Search for your perfect place for an unforgettable vacation using our campsite search engine. Discover the beauty of Croatia's Istrian Coast and spend a wonderful time camping among nature and the charms of seaside places.


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